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Dedicated Server - stuck during initialization: INF Dymesh door replacement: imposterblock [Resolved]


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I started writing this to actually ask for help with this problem.  But while I was gathering information for whomever might read this in order to help you help me, I stumbled on the answer.  My public IP address changed.  There was nothing wrong with the world, it wasn't getting stuck loading.  It completed loading successfully, yet I couldn't see the server in the list, and couldn't connect to it via the stored IP already remembered by the game.  I was going to delete this entire comment, then I remembered that when I searched for an answer to my problem, I couldn't find one.  So I'm going to post anyway, to help people out who experience the same thing and feel lost.  Even though, I'm a seasoned IT professional, I'm still rather new to server management, so I don't immediately know where to look when I have an issue.  Admittedly, going over the events in my head and the information the game was giving me during my struggle, I am a little embarrassed that it took me longer than 24 hours to figure this out.


Here's my original description of the problem:

My Windows 10 based dedicated 7dtd server has been fine for quite some time, yet yesterday morning I couldn't log in to the stored IP address and I couldn't find it in the server list (it's usually right at the top).  So I RDP'd to my server, saw a bunch of errors that I should have snipped to show you guys, but neglected to before I shut it down.  Now when I boot the server up it gets stuck at "INF Dymesh door replacement: imposterBlock".  It just sits there for hours.  I removed all mods, and it gets passed that but immediately gets stuck two lines later at "INF [DECO] write thread 5ms".


I verified the game files 1 file was missing or corrupted and was re-aquired and it still gets stuck at the DECO entry above.  I've done a reinstallation as well.

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