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hello, sorry to be writing here, I would like to leave here some tips that I think would improve and make the game more challenging.
    I've been playing 7 days for several years and I think you guys are doing a great job, but I think adding a little more challenge would be welcome, I'll quote examples that I saw in some mods and could have in the original game

1- hunters-
in some mods you add hunters with firearms, knives, who also survived the cataclysm (hard to believe that only we survived this), most of them are hostile, this is very cool, they shoot when we get close and we must use strategy to be able to kill them, especially at the beginning of the game.

2-survivors- there is a mod where it is possible to recruit survivors that we find on the map, it would be really cool if it had this in the original game and we could recruit them by doing any task they asked for, like giving food, water, money, even cleaning zombies some area of interest for them, they could help us for a certain time only, a few days or hours depending on their blood moon level would be really cool

3 night enemies-
I know they remodeled the zombies and did an excellent job, but at night other types of stronger and different enemies could appear (as in dying light), fierce zombies are cool but after a while they become easy, they could appear on the moon of blood too.

4- fishing-
the rivers just for us to get water becomes very empty, you could fish, make the rod catch bait so we can catch fish, more types of snakes could poison and we would have to make an antidote to not die.

5- cars
there are many types of vehicles in the world of 7 days that could be used, instead of manufacturing them we could fix them, we will have to get tires, motors, battery, headlight, in short we can use any vehicle as long as we fix it.
6- bosses
each biome could have, in addition to the zombies that already exist, they would have their own boss mutant zombies, as well as (nemesis in resident evil) with life of at least 1500 or more, it would be very good when we found somewhere random, indoors, in buildings it would be much more challenging to be able to face him or run from them, why not?

anyway I know you can say that there are mods for this, but often mods leave bugs or crashes, and if this came in the original game it would be very good in my opinion, I apologize for posting here, I'm from Brazil and there are many players for here I am translating this text by google, so forgive any errors.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. We will have to see if any of these happen. If they don’t, then at least we have the safety net of mods but it would be cool if they were able to add these things at some point. 

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