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It Takes A Village - A Server side Co-Op Overhaul Mod!


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Choose between 8 trade professions and collaborate with other survivors attempting to rebuild society.
Buy and sell goods in your shop to supply the community with specialized resources that only You can obtain.

Are you the Mechanic, the Armorer, the Reaper or the Cook?
How will you support the village?

It's a server side mod, meaning only the server owner has to download the mod. EAC does not need to be disabled to play.
Recommended for at least 3 players, with no upper limit.
It Takes A Village is an overhaul mod, with large amounts of the xml files changed on a permanent basis. Not all (if any) modlets will be compatible!






Choose your profession!

Choose between the 8 professions: the Smelter, the Miner, the Cook, the Armorer, the Mechanic, the Scientist, the Reaper and the Decorator. Each profession has sole access to unique crafted products that need to be gathered or manufactured and sold to support the community. For instance, only the Smelter can craft Forged Iron, only the Scientist can craft gunpowder and concrete, only the Armorer can make weapons and armor past primitive. Some professions require substantially more involvement than others; Cook being the highest and Mechanic the lowest. Each playthrough will vary greatly depending on the composition of professions the group choses!

Loot has been altered to no longer contain cooked food, T1 and above weapons and armor, most schematics etc. Small amounts of various crafting materials can still be found, but the only reliable source of goods is other players. Without a Smelter you will barely have enough Forged Iron to make enough repair kits to keep you afloat, and no drugs or medical items drop in loot aside from aloe cream, honey and painkillers.


No quests!

The Traders no longer give quests. They will buy your stuff but at an appallingly low price. Their re-sell price on the other hand, will be sky high.
Every single item price has been adjusted to match the cost of materials. Players can craft shops to sell their goods to other players, and adjust prices if they wish.

A selection of features

Many many many working decorative furniture pieces have been added, for example chandelier, fireplace wood, neon signs, street lamps, planter, clothes racks, bulletproof doors (white and brown wood, blue metal) and bulletproof windows (centered and non-centered).

Players start with a bike, 500 OSB blocks and the regular starting kit plus a bit of extra food. The Gyrocopter has been removed. Hunger and amount of zombies in cities is increased.

Good foods yield new bonuses to XP or run speed. Scientist can craft painkillers. Mechanic can craft Lottery Boxes. Mailboxes may contain Dad Jokes. Most professions require their advanced workstation to craft their fanciest wares. Most stack sizes are increased. Drop chance of eggs is increased. Tool parts and Robotics parts scrap into Tool Part Fragments, which can be used to craft either Tool parts or Robotic parts. Weapon parts scrap into Weapon Part Fragments, which can be used to craft any weapon part. Weapon repair kits require a weapon part to craft. Fuel value of wood has been increased 10x. Weapon block damaged has been reduced massively to avoid griefing. Chickens drop Chicken Meat which can be charred, boiled, grilled, or go into any of the many new chicken recipes. Canned foods and raw vegetables have a higher risk of dysentery. Drop chance of canned foods has been adjusted to better fit their useability in cooking recipes. XP for killing bears and wolves is increased. Rotting flesh has found new uses...

And many more tweaks!


Download link: https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGit/#/home?url=https://github.com/Pesmax/It-takes-a-village




Best regards/
Creators Khym and Pesmax




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Thank you for sharing. I spent some time in the Mystical Hunters server to see how the in-game dynamics match the description. This is definitely one for closer-knit communities and parties who enjoy a deeper level of player interaction. Inter-dependency is certainly a key feature to survival.

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Sounds interesting. I assume one can obtain more than one class?


Removing the Gyro with the current RWG where the big POI´s are very rare and often very far away is a bit questionable tbh, it´s already tiresome with the gyro on most maps to get to them.

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It's absolutely a co-op mod indeed! 
Players can work towards obtaining more than one profession per person yes.

Removing Gyrocopter was a choice we made, that we also understand doesn't appeal to everyone.



A note to those who want to play this mod: It has been in testing for a month but we still find bugs. Therefore we warmly recommend to always download a fresh copy before you start a new world, and join the discord to see when bug fixes are made, and report bugs or ask questions!

Discord: https://discord.gg/ApdZPzvACG

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