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I found one of El Cabong's buzzards, he wont bother you any longer EL.


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I am sitting on my perch getting ready for the BM.  I am in small town, but not the smallest I've seen, forest biome.  Anyways, out the blue I see a figure in the sky as the red clouds circle above in the impending doom.  It would circle and dive but never attack.  At 2130 I pulled out the pipe shotgun and at 2200 it made its final dive from top dead center...BANG!  Didnt even get a drop of blood on me :), and then a thud on the concrete below.


I have had buzzards shadow me before, when running fast and light.  Never had one just start buzzing me while sitting, right before night fall.

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good shot! Felt good, didn't it?


I can only shoot those things when they're flying right at me. Usually miss when they're circling.


I was on foot walking to chop a tree down this morning when one of them damn things decided to attack me. I hit it in the face with my stone ax. Just pi**ed it off. It  circled around but this time I had my club ready. 


I keep trying to extinct the species but keep failing

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