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Feral Sense is turned off in game settings, but wandering zombies still "see" me from inside POIs when sneaking.


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What the title says. It happens during the day, at night, literally all hours, and regardless of if my sneak bar is at 1 or 100 every zombie within like 60 blocks to zero in on the POI I'm in like I have feral sense turned on. They never used to do this before. I have 3 points in From the Shadows or whatever agility perk gives you more sneak and less sound, and it still occurs. I tested it without mods and it still happens. I checked every mod or modlet I have regardless of their category (UI and QoL) and it still occurs.


Is it tied to difficulty? I'm playing on Nomad now, was playing on Warrior previously (zombies kicked my ass a little too hard so I went baby-mode).


It makes it impossible to clear out any POIs because as soon as I do anything, zombies far enough away will still do their "I see you" growl/hiss and come running towards the closest way to find me. I could be literally sneak-walking, and they'll be alerted to me. I could walk over trash, I could hit the sneak traps to get rid of them, I can literally just fall and they'll hear me, regardless of how far away they are from me.


I'm not smart enough to figure out what to change to fix this, and it's starting to annoy me, lol. If it's hard-coded and intended I might just take a break from 7 Days because it's gotten so bad : (

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On 7/2/2022 at 1:21 AM, vergilsparda said:



Upon further inspection, I have had Feral Sense turned on this entire time, I just didn't realize it 😭😭


I'm going to go jump off a cliff now, this is just about the dumbest I've ever been in a while

You are not alone. I once downloaded a wandering horde mod for a change of pace. Very proud of myself for doing it manually, by myself, and not breaking my game. Did starter quest, said hi to trader, looked around a bit waiting for zeds to spawn in. Did a lap around the mid size town, no zeds. Ran to city center, no zeds. Walked into a t5 skyscraper, butt nekkid, no zeds. I broke my game..... I knew I'd mess it up somehow...... sigh. 


On a whim double checked settings. Zed spawn was turned off..... omfg.... ☠️


@%$# happens to us all. I feel your pain and hope my story can ease it somehow. :)

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