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An idea about a "bounty" system for items


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The basis would be a vendor or machine that can be purchased by a player and then stocked with dukes. The player can request up to three items up for 'bounty' and other players can bring the requested items to the vendor to be paid for delivering it. Bounties would have a non-adjustable cost, and would always require 25% more than a NPC trader's base sell price.


IE : If you place a bounty for an item the trader would sell you for 1000 dukes without any discounts, then players who fulfill the bounty would be paid 1250 dukes out of the requesting player's bounty vendor (Which would ALWAYS put it well ahead of the amount you'd get by selling an item to a vendor directly).


Items worth 0 dukes to a trader (Plant fiber, Rocks, Soil, etc) would default to 1 duke. You can specify how many items you are willing to pay for but you can only specify up to the amount of dukes stocked in the machine (IE : If you want to buy 5 items that would cost 1250 you must have 6000 dukes in the machine for it to become a valid bounty).


If someone visits a bounty vendor then the game will auto-tag items requested for bounty with a little $ icon. If the player later on find that item in a loot pile, box, vendor, or whatever they'll see that little $ icon on the item and if they pick it up or buy it a "return bounty" quest appears directing them back to the bounty vendor.


The goal is to make it easier for higher-level players looking for specific items that may be rare to request them from other players, in a way that rewards the one who finds it. It could be used to give low-level players a source of income by requesting items they come across frequently that higher level players require in larger numbers (IE : Raw resources like iron, rocks, sand, whatever) - the lower level players would get dukes to spend, the higher level players wouldn't have to mine for hours, win/win right? It could also be used to get rare recipes that you don't have to complete a collection, or a specific weapon/armor/vehicle mod that has eluded you. All sorts of options. Pricing it above the NPC traders is both a bonus to encourage others to find items for you, as well as a penalty for not finding the items yourself by making them more expensive.

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