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Game crashing on Xbox one S after 1.5 hours


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Please use the console section for questions about the console version as it is VERY different from the current PC version.


Personally I have no experience with it, but I heard others say that restarting the game after an hours seems a very good idea, especially since crashing can very easily corrupt your savegame and should be avoided.


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I just started playing on a Xbox Series X.

The game has crashed back to the main menu a few times over the last 4 days

Re-starting the game again, all my stuff is still there in inventory and tool belt.

I have not built a base yet and so I don't know if I would have lost my base or not?
This video explains how to delete local saved data and have the game download fresh data from the cloud

I have done this technique for other games in the past and it works great if the game has weird glitches.


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Ok, I lost a few items one time on my Series X. I now know how to avoid that.

Normal way to make sure everything gets saved.
I wait until I see the red 7 in the upper right which means the game has saved to disk.
If I quit the game and restart, all is good.

If the game crashes on Xbox
Do not restart the game.
While hovering over the game in the Xbox menu, use the 3 line hamburger menu button
Then go into the manage game and ad ons menu.

Important! - Delete the data from the console only.
Do not delete the data from the cloud.
Restart the game and it will down load your data from the cloud.

So far this has worked great and I have not lost any data

This guy does a good job of explaining how that is done


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Here's a little tip I learned from playing the current console version over time. If you're playing with 24 hour cycles set to 60 minutes, exit the game completely, close the app then relaunch the game from a fresh state whenever morning time starts and you hear the morning chime play in-game. Although, if you're playing with 24 hour cycles set to 120 minutes, do the same thing but this time do it when night approaches after you hear the night theme play. With that being said, if you do this about every hour, you will avoid the game from crashing most of the time which can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Hope this helps.

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