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(NOOB) Noobination PVE -Dallas, Texas, USA.


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(NOOB) Noobination PVE
Port: 25030


Noobination Server Rules:


No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing, No City Building.


Noobination Server Features:


Botman Server Manager.
Noobinator BB Bat, Faster Cars, 96 Slot Backpack, 12 Slot Crafting,
More Zombies, Better starter quest Xp and points.
300% XP and Loot.
PVP is Off.


Noobination Play Style:


This server is meant to be challenging. There is more zombies then a normal server.

You can also have a easy play through, The Noobinator Baseball Bat can be made anytime with 1K wood and gives you a nice nice XP boost once.

The Noobinator Bat is OP super fast swings no stamina usage massive damage.
Night is a time to be feared zombies will swarm you.


Easy log in. Join our discord and it is one click.





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