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Unable to join game from a new machine


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So, I'm out of town right now and I tried to join the same server I always do for a quick session.  I don't have my usual player profile with me, but it's the same Steam account, so I wasn't expecting any issues.  I can't join, though... It hangs up at "joining server" for several minutes, then gives up.  There's no error code, just something along the lines of "server ended connection attempt."  To be clear, the server in question is being hosted by a friend and is set up so only he and I can join.  Thoughts?



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On 6/21/2022 at 1:16 PM, Star69 said:

What type of internet are you using while out of town?

Can you post a copy of your output log file? Go to pastebin.com paste a copy of your entire log there and post the link generated here.

I was using a very speedy ethernet connection.  I'm not there anymore, so I don't have access to the log file, but I suspect the problem may renew itself when I go back in September, so I'll probably bring this thread back from the dead then.  Thanks, though!

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