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Biome Proposition

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Biome proposition.


Conceived using photoshop, layers, adjusted via grayscale image. Ranged
between 255 and 30. I did this because water gen is fluid, but regulated


Pattern repetition every 200 pixel/meters approx, 40 repetitions per map width
40 repetitions per height. Seamless integration because of the flora
generated per color code. Smoother transition from biome to biome.
it allows for 5 base biomes, to instantly be rendered into 25, biome


400 meter square is the approximate size of each stamp. This is to reduce
resource size. each stamp can be an entire map size, or scaled down to 5
meter square, but this would be too, compressed.


Redux terra firma biomes


ORIGINAL Snow, burnt, forest, desert, waste.


snow   SB SF SD SW
burnt  BS BF BD BW
forest FS FB FD FW
desert DS DB DF DW
waste  WS WB WF WD


It is not a simple repeat, The fist letter is a dominant biome, in the fractalized
image it takes up a higher percentage of the surface area. Because of this the Dom
has the larger assets placed, and the lesser has the undergrowth flora.


No additional resources needed, just set each image to an altitude range.
Game renders grayscale map, ranged between 0 and 255.
Terra firma from 30 to 255. Water from 0 to 30.
All are adjustable either by slider or numeric input.


Generate a grayscale map. Set simple algorithm to replace a range with
the associated stamp. IE between 255-170=snow stamp, 170-160=snow-forest stamp,
160-130=forest stamp etc. adjustable depending upon preference for particular
playthrough. or biome dominance preference. No holes in the world, because its
using precompleted color schemes.


Each stamp is only composed of 1 or 2 colors.  For special circumstances example
an oasis, just set a designation Oasis=Forest stamp or Desert stamp or Water stamp.
It only limited by imagination.


The game will automatically populated the already available resources.
It will just vary in volume. Visually more natural changes.


Any fractalized image can be used as a stamp. A maze, swirls, etc. it's all just
square pixels .


Conclusion: Flexibility, Adaptability, Adjust-ability, and Visual expansion.


Potential positive points are, in resource and asset placement. In poi xml asset can be
assigned to Biome, and or altitude range thus raising the chance for more asset variation
per rendered map. Specialty pois can be "text-gened", the a fore mentioned Oasis, and its assets
can be assigned a dominant biome, and be set to to render within a specific altitude range.
The game will instantly render the surounding assets. no more agonizing over precise placement.
Simply make a biome stamp shape "non-fractalized" labeled Oasis and Jackson Pollock it randomly
at any preferred altitude.


The dom biome will be the same, but altitude will automatically rearrange the assets.
This can also be done with non-fractalized yards around homes. It may have the same
base home asset, but every yard will be different. All of the tools are already in place,

just need to be activated. It also over laps and randomizes spawn, levels and ai reactions, predctability



4SHEETZ "to the wind".


Dominance example


5 biomes expanded to 25


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