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The Walking Dead Negan Challenge.

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The premise for this challenge is pretty straight forward. You are Negan, the sole survivor of the post-apocalypse world (unless you count the traders, provided you plan to use them). You have grown even more unhealthily attached to Lucille than ever before - you refuse to use any other weapon besides her. (The exception is the wooden club, but you must ditch it forever once you craft, loot, or buy your bloodthirsty companion.)


Aside from this being a bat (and wooden club) only run, there are several more stipulations - they and a mod list are provided down below.



STIPULATIONS & SETTINGS | Horde every night. x64 BM horde size. Zombies walk during the day and run at night; the latter also includes the feral and blood moon options for zombie speeds. Feral sense is on during the day. You can reduce XP gain if you wish.


Note: Guns, bows & crossbows, explosives (including molotovs), other melee weapons, and electrical traps are banned. If you wish to allow yourself to use primitive traps (spikes, barbed wire fences), go right ahead.
Additional Note: If you wish to fight every horde night on the streets, be my guest. ;)









https://7daystodiemods.com/increased-zombie-spawning/ (feel free to modify the XML's for even crazier zombie fun)










TL;DR of mods: 1) Zombies deal 2.5x damage. 2) 25% increased headshot damage. 3) Increased zombie wilderness and town spawning. 4) Removal of rage from standard walkers. 5) Headshot-only; body shots on zombies and animals deal 0 damage. 6) Massive, frequent roaming hordes. 7) Blood moon hordes last until morning. Note: Makes all regular zombies walkers no matter how you tinker around with the settings. :confused2:


Note: I hope mentioning mods in this thread won't be breaking forum TOS. :noidea:

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Sounds like a fun-filled, rollicking good time! Though Negan doesn't seem like the type to shy away from using a molly or two.


Curious, was this at all inspired by @JaWoodle's latest YT series? He uses almost all the same mods and some of the same settings. I've actually just started a new playthrough myself with these mods. It's not Negan-level, but it's been a blast so far.

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