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missing client logs?

jeepers cats

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hey there!


so i have this issue, which has only seemed to have gotten worse since i've tried fixing it independently. since the most recent update, i haven't been able to play at all. i have tried verifying game cache many times, i cleaned the files, i restarted my computer. i restarted my steam. i did a hard reinstall, and still, the same issue persists. 


the issue in question:



it doesn't matter if i do it as an independent game, or in multiplayer. the only way i am able to get out of it is to force close it. 


for whatever reason, it seems that my client logs don't exist. i assure you, i absolutely combed my files looking for it, and it simply doesn't exist. i will say, that i have all of my steam stuff located in a d-drive, but the client logs aren't in the typical c-drive either.


i think this has become a far more complicated issue the more i've tried to fix it, and i'm at my wits end since it's one of the few games i can play with my friends, lmao. any help would be appreciated.

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