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Spears seem like they could use a little boost.


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The spear is one if my two favorite melee weapons in the game.  It's long reach makes it possible to kill 5-6 enemies coming at you at once with melee without getting hit if you are good at timing your attacks and moving.  Sure, one you have a decent gun that's better (I ignore pipe weapons most of them time except if it's all I have for the first horde night), but until I have a good ammo production, I stick to melee most of the time.  The other melee weapon being the stun baton at least at level 4 (less isn't really any good).


For the spear, the power attack being a throw is annoying and it had gotten me into trouble when I get jumped unexpectedly by a large group of zombies and accidentally click RMB instead of LMB and then have to try and grab my spear again or switch weapons, which is very inconvenient.  I support any change that let's me never throw my spear.  There will never be a reason I want to do so.  A one shot weapon that you have to chase down is useless to me.

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