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Non dedicated server connection issue


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My gf and I play 72d2 together the pcs are side by side.   In the last two or three weeks when I load the game on her machine to join mine she can see the number of friends online (1 friend as she only plays with me)  but when she clicks on the friends tab there are no servers listed.  She doesn't see my server the list is blank.  We generally play Darkness Falls but I have tried vanilla game also with the same result.


Lets see if I can remember all the things I have tried.

Clearing the steam cache both machines.

turning off firewall on each machine

Checked for anything blocked in firewall.

Tried starting a server on the other machine but same thing.

restarted router and modem

Made sure game details on steam are set to public on both accounts.



I have probably missed a few things as I have been trying off and on for a few weeks to fix this.  If I think of anything else that I tried I will add it.




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output logs from both computers during the session that you cant connect in.
if you'd used the link above, you would see all the info we need to help with issues.

like what alpha and build are you using, what you game settings are at, are you both using the very same identical zones locations.

Thanks  :)
QA Tester-unholyjoe





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Sorry been a bit unwell.  I will upload the log when home.  Did find a work around though I load Darkness falls on the other machine up to the menu then I bring up my friend profile and join the game and it works.   It uses the already loaded Darkness falls version. 


Oh not using a mod version of darkness falls but the total conversion version via mod launcher.

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2 hours ago, Beelzybub said:

No, you only need port forwarding for WAN connections. Connect by local ip works on the LAN.

Related question…..since a dedicated server needs a specific port forwarded to show up on the master server list, should the lan game need that same port forwarded to show up on the master server? I ask because of all the complaints of people playing lan games needing to connect via ip because the server does not show up on the master server.

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1 hour ago, Star69 said:

should the lan game need that same port forwarded to show up on the master server?

You need port forwarding for a local server to show in the servers list. It should show as a LAN Game without the port forwarding, but this feature is currently broken. Ports forwarded or not will not get it show as a LAN game in the server browser.

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