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[CTVI Zombies] 9000 POI City-Based Map | No Downloads Req. | Super Friendly

Andy Red

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CTVI Zombies Version 3 World Map Banner with Logo

Welcome to CTVI Zombies! An online gaming server and community, specialising in the survival, zombie, and crafting game 7 Days to Die on PC.

Our latest Version 3 of our custom-built map for A20 has just been released this week, on Wednesday 1st June 2022, meaning a fresh start for all, on our beautifully made, extensive, city-style map. Our custom, hand-built map and world for 7 Days to Die has over 9000 POIs to explore, loot, and quest whilst surviving the apocalypse.
Server Features:
  • Largest City-Based 7 Days to Die Map with Hand-Placed Prefabs, Roads and Terrain
  • Over 9,000 POIs Across Multiple Mega Cities and Biomes
  • Unique Mix of Hand-Picked Vanilla and Community-Created Prefabs
  • Four Unique Starting Spawn Locations (Visible as Lookout Towers)
  • PvP Zone: A Special Corner of the Map Exclusive For PvP Play (everywhere else on the map is designated PvE)
  • Auto-Respawn Feature for Cars on Roads
  • Auto-Respawn Feature for Wilderness Trees
  • Race Tracks with Timers for Driving & Flying
  • Fishing! You Can Now Go Fishing for an Additional Food Source
  • Additional New Zombie Types & Skins For Optimal Enemy Variation
  • Additional & New Craftable Items & Vehicles for Increased Variety
  • Long-Distance Trading System Between Players
  • Virtual In-Game Currency System (CTVI Coins)
  • Virtual In-Game Shop
  • Additional & New Non-Craftable Items Purchasable From the In-Game Shop
  • Three-Slot Input Forge for Faster Smelting
  • QOL (Quality of Life) Teleports
  • Gimme Command To Receive a Random Item
  • Unique In-Game Events Triggers
  • In-Game Chat Bot with Reminders for Upcoming Bloodmoons etc
  • Handy Information Panel - Accessible By Pressing 'Esc' Whilst Playing
  • Handy Advanced Player Stats & Kill Counters

Server Details
We're proud of our EU-hosted PVE 7 Days to Die server, backed by our active, friendly community!

Server Name: CTVI Zombies
Location: Europe
Language: English
Server Game Version: 20.5

Server IP:
Port: 26900

🗺️ For Our World Map, See Our Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/world-map/
⚙️For Full Server Features & Settings, See Our Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/our-server/ 

No Client Mods or Downloads For Mods Are Required! Simply Join & Play!

🖥️ Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/
💬 Discord: https://discord.gg/ZDzTURrjyk

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  • Andy Red changed the title to [CTVI Zombies] FRESH START YESTERDAY | 8000+ POIs | Hand-Designed Map | Super Friendly

We had a perfect launch of our latest version 3 map yesterday, with over 8,000 POI's hand-placed in the world for you to explore and loot!
The server is super friendly with awesome players, with anyone welcome to join us :) Claim your spot on the map whilst the server is still freshly started 👌

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  • Andy Red changed the title to [CTVI Zombies] RECENT FRESH START | 9000 POIs | Hand-Designed Map | Super Friendly
  • Andy Red changed the title to [CTVI Zombies] 9000 POI City-Based Map | No Downloads Req. | Super Friendly
On 6/15/2022 at 9:15 PM, smokingcorpses said:

these guys did a great job putting this together never a dull moment  always something to do and the pois are out of this world. the in game commands are  a plus to make your gameplay more  enjoyable i recommend giving it a shot wont be disappointed

Thanks for your reply and feedback SC! Hope the apocalypse is treating you well hehe 😀

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  • 3 weeks later...

A bunch of new zombies have been added to the server today for increased zombie variation! You will see these zombies randomly as single spawns throughout the world and also as part of the Bloodmoon events. They have been delicately balanced to fit in with the standard zombies in regards to HP and attack power, bringing a selection of new zombie types and skins for optimal gameplay divergency.

💡 No mods or downloads required, all server-side additional content!

Edited by Andy Red (see edit history)
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