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RWG Gateway Tile Customization


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Players spend a lot of time at traders and quickly come to feel as if the land surrounding a Trader is always the same.


Presently, the game has one Gateway tile: rwg_tile_gateway_cap.


(1) Better would be if each Settlement / Township could have its own gateway.

  • rwg_tile_oldwest_gateway_cap
  • rwg_tile_countrytown_gateway_cap
  • rwg_tile_city_gateway_cap
  • One of them could act as a default if a Settlement / Township were declared in a mod and did not include a Gateway Tile.


(2) It would also be nice if Gateway Tiles knew how to use POI Markers (beyond the Trader). Currently, Parts are used to place content on Gateway Tiles. You can make a POI Marker on the Tile, but I haven't found a combination of tags to get a POI to land on the marker. A "Gateway" tag is not enough. Even if it were, you would still need some Tag to indicate which POIs got with which Settlement / Township. If it were just left to a "Gateway" tag, then you'll see modern POI landing at the Western Town, or in the CP's Medieval Town, Asia Town, etc.


(3) Finally, it would be nice if RWG could select from a list of viable Gateway tiles, rather than have the same Tile show up in every settlement of its type.


  • rwg_tile_city_gateway_cap_01
  • rwg_tile_city_gateway_cap_02
  • rwg_tile_city_gateway_cap_03
  • etc.


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