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I host a dedicated server to which I am creating my own additional content and creating a large in game project of making a massive underground bunker vault. Currently my vault contains 105 individual bunkers which players can gain access to that acts as a bomb shelter so to speak during bloodmoons. I am currently trying to make the area above the vault look like a simply mini city complete with functional power lines. I am trying to connect each bunker to this power grid so that each one has its own power supply allowing players to customize their private area anyway they see if. However, as my vault stands it would cover far too much ground to put the bunkers into a X * Y grid so it has been created using a X * Y * Z(7x5x3) grid. My question and issue strives from not being able to extend the power lines to any bunkers in Z (2&3) due to wire range. I would like to know what files handles this restriction or limit to a 10 block range.

Please know that I am aware of using relays to extend the range of wires however under the current structure of my vault which places each and every bunker side by side I do not have a clean way to use relays and keep them hidden.

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