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Dedicated Server - Problem after loading a backup of a save game


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With some friends, we started a dedicated server that we have been playing for a few days. A couple of days ago we had to reset the server because it was not starting properly. We thought we did the backup right, but we're running into a ghost texture conflict where mountains or pois disappear and generate other types of structures or terrain.


After a search, we realized that when we made the backup, we only copied the "Save" folder, but not the "Generated Worlds" folder. Is there any way to correct this conflict? We would be interested in keeping our characters and constructions that we made.


Is there a file inside the "Save" folder that removes that visual conflict without affecting what we want to keep, or restart the same world without losing that?



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Oh, yes. Now I remember that when we created the world, it was done from the game editor, modifying the sliders, and then we uploaded the world to the server.


The world was not matching because when we reset the server, the world was generated from the server, and what we had to do was re-upload the world that we generated locally to the server.


Thank you for reminding me in that detail.

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