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Why did it take me so long to start building these? (Bridge base)


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I almost always throw together a temp base near my first trader, sort of a waystation to hunker down in as I scope out the city while doing quests and find a place I want to build or remodel. I always ended up with something that tries not to be a box because I hate building boxes, that I would later chop down because I hated seeing the not-a-box after I'd moved on. This time, I wanted to do something different - something that would be just big enough to actually use as a functional base that I would want to leave in place later. So I built a bridge house. 10x3 in usable interior area, with walls done as outside-mounted plates (using the inverted window trim pieces as support) to preserve floor space without adding bulk. And a rooftop lookout for sniping dire wolves at night.


It's not the most beautiful thing in the world, and I'm sure my next ones will be better, but I like it.


Featured mods: Sam's Storage Stuff (storage items with larger capacities), Telric's Decorations Pack (faucet), JaxTeller's Working Devices (microwave and coffee maker)






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This is really cool! I love it.
I usually like building my starter base on a dead end road , out the way but with the advantage of the flat, hard asphalt base. But this is a great design to use on any road really to still let people on vehicles drive under :)

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