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Regarding the changes in a20.4

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TFP haven't really explained that well how I'm supposed to mod the game now. I know mods folder now goes somewhere in C:\Users\[Name]\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie.

Is my previous mod install just gone from the main install, or is it hidden? I always had steam outside of my program folders cos don't put it in your program folders boys it's automatically read-only for everything inside it. 

Do I just make a Mods folder in appdata where your worlds are saved or something and chuck them there now?

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The new mod folder is only an alternative place where mods are looked for at the moment. Nothing changed, nothing to do.


In a FUTURE update, A21 or later, that location will become the only location where the game will be looking for mods. Then you need to adapt.


Meanwhole you can use either location, the old or the new.

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