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Black Screen in Main Menu - A20.5 b2 Stable


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I can't find a working solution for me with this error. As soon as I open the game, my FPS drops to 1-3 from the splash screen to a black screen and it remains a black screen for several minutes before the actual main menu shows up. I can hear the game music while all this unfolds.


Then when I join a friend's server, the same FPS drop issue flares up (1-3) and takes me ages to be able to join. I hope there is a contingency to this because I have played the game for several hours before and this never happened. Everything was running smooth previously.


System specs:

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X

GPU: GTX 1070ti

RAM: 16GB 3200mhz

OS: Windows 11


I have already:

Cleaned the game data via launcher.

Verified integrity of game files.

Made sure no mods are installed.

Uninstalled and installed the game.

Set the game settings way below my rig can handle (in the rare events I am able to enter the game)


Note: No problem with FPS in every other games.


Thank you in advance! Great game, BTW.

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