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Not Medieval Mod - A Fantasy Modpack


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The 'Not Medieval Mod' is a fantasy Modpack based around a 'medieval/historical' theme. It provides an immersive environment, from game characters to the overall theme. The goal was to move back in time and bring in a touch of magic. As such, modern day assets have been removed, renamed, or replaced where possible.


It is brought to you by Darkstardragon, who has been very active supporting the community project NPCMod, with an abundance of custom Addon entity packs.
With the NPCMod being released (which powers the NMM), followed by CP48 Medievil Village (which adds that full on immersion to locations), the 'Not Medieval Mod' was simply waiting there for the taking.

The 'Not Medieval Mod' should really be considered as a team effort because it combines the creativity of Prefab/POI creators, modelers, coders, and everything and everyone else that is required to release a full on mod.


Many regular game features will be recognisable and allow players to quickly adapt to the new theme. For example, a Worktable is now an NMM Dragon Worktable with some craftable items removed but some new ones gained. Regular modern zombies are also gone but you'll still see Burnt Zombies out there and a few crawlers in POIs. The Wasteland is now Orcland with a partial burnt crispiness and wasted feel.



There are two kinds of download; Development Build and Stable Build.


1. DEVELOPMENT BUILD - Can change daily

Github: https://github.com/drkstardragon/NMM (This version is the development version and updated regularly. The current version will show the date on the Readme.)


2. STABLE BUILD - Updated weekly/monthly

Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/company/not-medieval-mod-developers/downloads/mods10 (This version is the current public version which is decent for communities who want a stable build for everyone to download and share the same assets. It will be given a rapid update for critical issues, but other than that updates will arrive when there is sufficient additional content or change.)



The NMM mod has been built using an English interface and Localization mods are gladly accepted for other languages.

Here are links to Localization mods submitted for players that prefer to play in that language interface.


3. Japanese Localization Mod created by Macksan (日本語化MOD)



No log in is required for either Github or Moddb. The Moddb version will be updated on a weekly-monthly basis when the current Github version has been fully tested as stable.)


Place these individual mods from the bundle in your Mods folder. The bundle to be placed in your Mods folder has changed a little since this image was posted but will look similar to the following:



For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions:

1. If you've never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a Mods folder in the main directory, typically inside :\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die. In the future, this location may change and we'll update instructions at that time.
If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore.

2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your '7 Days To Die' main directory folder.

3. You can now drag all of the mod folders directly out of the zipped file, and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder. It should look like the list of folders and file in the image above.

4. And when you launch the game, turn EAC (anti cheat software) off because EAC will not accept the custom content. 


Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES
Do players also need to install this Mod? = YES (because it contains custom content that cannot be downloaded from the server).

About the World - NMM01


As of A20.6 Stable, a fire system was introduced as default. While it has received very positive feedback, this may not be for everyone. There is a new folder called 'NMM Gameplay OPTIONS'. This provides players/communities with custom options related to the food spoilage and fire dynamic. The associated Readme as follows:


NMM Gameplay OPTIONS Readme

This folder contains separate mod folders.
The mods can allow you to customise your NMM experience depending on your game style.
To use any of them, copy directly into the Mods folder.
They will activate as you launch the game.
Simply remove them from the Mods folder to deactivate them if they are no longer appropriate.


A) 1-NMMCore Food Spoilage
This mod activates food spoilage for NMM.
This allows any food you have (except for fish and honeycomb) to degrade over time.


B) 1-NMMCore No Fire
This mod turns off all fire features for NMM.
This means entities and selective ammo cannot burn wooden buildings, etc.


C) 1-NMMCore No Fungus Fire
This mod turns off the fire feature for the 3 Fungus entities.
This means the acid vomit and globules cannot burn wooden buildings, etc.
All other fire features will remain active, such as Fire Breathing Dragon attacks.


Sample World

Here is a 7K sample World. Be warned that there is a 'Spoiler' image of the World layout at this location.



NMM uses the game's in-house RWG with a little repainting of the Biomes for additional variety. In addition, all buildings are community made and incorporated into A20s superb Tiling system. This image shows how the biome and layout will look. The placement of Wilderness POIs and mixing of POIs in the tiling system may change as updates arrive but this image will be a very true likeness of what can be expected.


NMM7K01 Layout - Added as a spoiler for communities/players who prefer the surprise.




And the original 7D2D RWG Seed and Settings for reference.




To make your own RWG, temporarily remove your Data > Prefabs > POIs. This stops default POIs from spawning in the Wilderness.
The NMM is bundled with all the required POIs to generate a World. If you prefer not to temporarily remove your POIs folder, your World will only have NMM City/Town/Village Tiles, but the Wilderness will contain regular default buildings.


More about the NMM
NMM provides a multitude of custom assets from game characters to a fully immersive environment. Here are a few images to demonstrate.


This images shows CP48 Medievil Village minimally customised for the 'NMM'. Beyond changing things like electric lights and other modern assets, the POIs stay totally true to the original creators concept. The player is riding on the Pegasus which is currently available after completing a Tier 4 end tier Quest.



There are Orcs and Goblins which are 'Bandit' class entities. They will attack players without hesitation. In early Game Stages they will be melee type and as you progress you will experience some with ranged weapons (crossbows and bows). They will appear in the Biomes and selective POIs during Quests.

There are the Undead. These are a collection of 'Zombie' class entities. They will attack Players, Orcs and Goblins. However, some types of Orc and Golbin are also built into the Undead faction to help make Horde Night a more eclectic experience.

There are the Friendlies. These consist of 'Survivors' and 'Hireable' classes. The Survivors are just trying to survive like regular players, while the hireables can be hired by players to assist you. You can build your own merry band of followers.


There are also Mythical Beasts such as Dragons out there... And some giant Rats and Spiders are known to lurk around as well.






Players can gain a horse (kindly created by @Zilox) after completing a Quest Tier if they so desire.


The Shaman Goblin. And that stick is not just for show... ^^




Players also have access to a variety of custom weapons:

- Smite Thee Down type. These consist of hand held cutting, stabbing, and head cracking weapons.

- Flintlock and Blunderbuss weapons.
- Semi-automatic crossbows that hold 4 bolts at a time.

- Speary things.

These progress using their associated skill from Quality 2 - 6. They are integrated into the regular system but you'll see a little difference in name changes.

@oakraven has been prolific in sharing assets with the NMM and had these weapons all ready and prepared well in advance.








There are also custom Traders which are piggybacking the regular traders and their unique traits.

Rekt has become Baker, who is built into the NPCMod Core files and being put to full effect. He also sells roast chicken and provides two custom quests.





And @Laz Man's older version of the Blacksmith POI has also been converted into its own Trader POI with an appropriate character from the NMM.






There are an abundance of Quests beyond regular Fetch and Clear.

- One is automatically provided upon entering the game and after completing the 'Tutorial' stage. It gives Skill Points for completing a certain number of eliminations during Horde Night. Players who prefer not to have this automatic quest can delete it from their quest tree list.

- One can be found in the player tool belt and starts an entity quest to eliminate the Undead faction. This has 5 quest stages and awards experience and skill points upon full completion. Others in this series can be purchased from Traders.

- Another is also shared in the tool belt and offers a mixed quest of collect / craft / defend. This can also be purchased again from Traders.

- Some Traders have their own specific side quests which only they will offer.

The Main Quest

- The Main Quest is one which requires visiting certain POIs in a certain order based on the scroll instructions. This quest is primarily designed for SP or smaller groups who share as a party. It is not designed for large communities or public servers. A starter scroll is found at a certain central POI (which can be found in multiple towns) and leads players on a sequential quest mission. These POIs and scrolls will not reset and once taken or complete are gone forever. However, a server admin using server admin tools can reset the specific POIs or region that they sit in to provide a 'loot respawn' equivalent which will then bring them back into place.


The names can be provided to server admin on request but will not be publicly shared to avoid any spoiler disappointment.


What else will you find? The Oakraven Forest Collection has been 'plundered' and incorporates the fish farming, bee hives, chicken coops, wells and and and... ^^


Here is the Read Me added into the mod which shows a list of Credits, without whom the NMM would not be possible.



== Not Medieval Mod for 7D2D is powered by 0-XNPCCore and 0-Score ==




=== 1-NMMCore ===

1-NMMCore contains all of the base resource files and connected xml files.


'Not Medieval Mod' (NMM) Creators and Developers in Alphabtical Order from Z - A:

Zilox - Kindly provided the Medieval Horse.
@xyth - Kindly developed the 0-XNPCCore, along with the team. The 0-XNPCCore is a complete bundle of models, code, and other game assets.

Xyth/SphereII/Mumpfy - Kindly developed 'Locks' mod powered by Score.
@sphereii - Kindly developed the 0-Score, along with the team. Also provided the 0-SphereII Legacy Distant Terrain.
@oakraven - Kindly provided the NMMOakCore content, consisting of multiple released and NMM standalone modlets. (Full list below)
@magejosh - Kindly supported background development, such as Biome modification.
@MichaelL./mplogue - Kindly provided custom Prefabs that match the theme of the NMM. POI creator extraordinaire.

@KhaineGB - Thank you for sharing Lockable Inventory Slots for mod use.
@Guppycur - Kindly provided resources, and a venue for the NMM development.
@Darkstardragon - NMM Creator and Overseer. Bought and brought all entities, and some models, into the NMM along with a host of other critical tasks.
Compo Pack Team - Kindly allowed 'Medieval' type Prefab submissions to support the NMM. @stallionsden brought them all together into tiled Medieval townships. (Full list below)
arramus - Kindly supported this, that and the other.

(Some customisation from original assets was required for integration and balance)


== 2-NMMOakCore ==

This 2-NMMOakCore Mod Pack compiles mods created by Oakraven, with support from arramus.
It is a highly fundamental part of the NMM and Oakraven has really gone above and beyond. Thank you.
The majority are individual modlets and part of the Oakraven Forest Collection that can be found here:

Oakraven Forest Collection Mod List:

- Bee Hives
- Chicken Coops
- Cooking Stations
- Dragon Beds and Stuff (A custom collection made for the NMM)
- Dragon Blunderbuss (A custom collection made for the NMM)

- Dragon Cannon - Ranged (A custom ranged weapon made for the NMM)
- Dragon Carts (A custom collection made for the NMM)
- Dragon Crossbows (A custom collection made for the NMM)
- Dragon Flintlocks (A custom collection made for the NMM)
- Dragon Weapons (A custom collection made for the NMM)
- Fireflies
- Fish Farm
- Oakdragon UI
- Torches and Lights
- Water Wells
- Work Stations


== 1-NMMSmittysArmor ==

This 1-NMMSmittysArmor Mod compiles assets provided by Smitty from the Smitty's Armor mod.
Thank you for giving your kind permission.


== 2-NMMCP48 Medievil Village Modded ==

The Compo Pack is a well know and very well establish 7D2D resource that allows custom POIs/Prefabs to be added to Worlds.
Submissions are made to the CP team and kept as intact as possible beyond carefully modifying for quality and performance.
The beauty of the CP is that it is very welcoming and open to all submissions and supports over 1000 Prefabs.
A20 further diversified Worlds with a Tiling system and Stallionsden and team have carefully created themed tiles.


Check them out here:

The Medievil Village is one of the themed tile sets and consists of 31 community made Prefabs that have been updated or submitted for A20.
All of the Prefabs keep their original names. However, the Sleeper Volumes, some internal assets, and tags have been changed to match the theme
and avoid conflict where the originals are installed.


Prefab creators from Z - A include:

Vitamin E
Riahsaurus Rex
Midnight Peach
Laz man


Additional POI submissions for CP49 are joining Medievil Village Modded.


Prefab creators from Z - A include:







By default NMM has no food spoilage system. However, it is hooked up to allow it and this can be easily turned on to increase the challenge.


- Step 1. Go inside your '1-NMMCore / Config folder and open the blocks.xml file.

- Step 2. On Line 4 you can see this code line.


<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='ConfigFeatureBlock']/property[@class='FoodSpoilage']/property[@name='FoodSpoilage']/@value">false</set>

(may say true at the end depending on your version)


Change the false to true to turn on food spoilage.

Change the true to false to turn off food spoilage.



- The NPCs are not governed by low level protection rules and initial spawning may be met with a hostile or friendly interaction.
Response: Run to a safer place, ideally close to a friendly who will attack the hostile by default.
- The NPCs sometimes pause, disappear, do not follow requests promptly, attack too much, or show other odd actions.
Response: They are what they are, and as good as it gets for now, which is actually very functional and adds immersion. For major issues, report in the NPCMod thread.

- Quests are not registering kills.

Response: Has been reported to the developers in the previous comment thread.

- Fetch quests can be exploited.

Response: Place the fetch items in your inventory before handing in to the trader. This exploit can be both beneficial and negative depending on the sequence. This uses a built in game quest feature and will hopefully get resolved in the future.

- It is not possible to open some crates when a light/object is placed above or under it.

Response: This requires some changes to the models and will be resolved in due course.









Edited by arramus
Update 0-XNPCCore A20.6 Stable. (see edit history)
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14 minutes ago, Cpt Krunch said:

Wow you guys test quickly. I wonder what all these buildings would look like painted to match the biomes they were in. Be interesting to see.

Playtesting really well yesterday and saw no reason not to post it, can get some reports and fixes in hopefully while working on some more content.

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1 hour ago, swmeek said:

So is there are way to add the early game stage bandits to the regular game? 

I would really like it if the bandits and other a--hats weren't all packing smg's and automatics while all I have is an awesome fish stick!! 

Ya, that's a good point for sure as server configuration allows the GS Level to be set and default is 5 in there at the moment.


For the NMM characters, all POIs only allow ranged bandit types to spawn with a 0.1 chance until players reach GS50 at which point they go to the same probability as everything else. The Undead ferals are even lower at 0.025 as they can be fast and relentless in a pack. Since you've brought in additional Addon Pack friends, they'll also have the same spawn chance as the Orcs since they share the same Sleeper Groups. For the Biomes though, there's no GS feature available and that level protection would be very useful just to get things going.

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Cannot make a random world.  This error keeps coming up. 


196.918 EXC ArguementOutOfRangeExeption: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

Paramenter name: index


I have tried random seed maps, that error comes up every time at varying create wilderness poi paths from 18 to 95% after INF Created township ID:nmmmedivalvillage.


I am on 20.5 and have rebooted the computer.

Edited by Daijin_Heartlight (see edit history)
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3 minutes ago, Daijin_Heartlight said:

Cannot make a random world.  This error keeps coming up. 


196.918 EXC ArguementOutOfRangeExeption: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

Paramenter name: index


I have tried random seed maps, that error comes up every time at varying create wilderness poi paths from 18 to 95% after INF Created township ID:nmmmedivalvillage.


I am on 20.5 and have rebooted the computer.

We encountered this issue while testing to see which parts/pois/tiles needed to stay in the game for rwg. I believed we had tackled it, but well look into it again. Have you tried the supplied map? Curious if youre getting any errors on starting with it.

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5 hours ago, Daijin_Heartlight said:

Cannot make a random world.  This error keeps coming up. 


196.918 EXC ArguementOutOfRangeExeption: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

Paramenter name: index


I have tried random seed maps, that error comes up every time at varying create wilderness poi paths from 18 to 95% after INF Created township ID:nmmmedivalvillage.


I am on 20.5 and have rebooted the computer.

Ya, hard to say where this error is coming from as it appears to be inconsistent from what we tested. In your case, it is much more consistent.

It sounds like there may need to be an increase in the number of Wilderness POIs being added to the World. Those Wilderness paths are already doing crazy spaghetti everywhere and even go to POIs which haven't been tagged to receive any pathing connection. Some more POIs will be added to the Wilderness, such as more cave type places and this may calm things down.


If you can share the size and features you are looking for in a World we can attempt to create something since we are seeing this error a lot less than you are experiencing.

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On 2022/5/16 at AM3点29分, drkstardragon said:

请记住,这是一个“alpha”版本,我们正在寻找错误和平衡问题以及在此设置中看起来不合适的东西。任何反馈将不胜感激。此外,构建适用于 A 20.5 exp。

I tried to extract the horse and Pegasus separately, but the horse can be extracted normally. There is no Pegasus model. I didn't find this model file. Please help me. I'll be grateful475855704_QQ20220517165231.thumb.png.19b94aa26e566577642b78f64d530aab.png

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32 minutes ago, shizhiwen said:

I tried to extract the horse and Pegasus separately, but the horse can be extracted normally. There is no Pegasus model. I didn't find this model file. Please help me. I'll be grateful

The Pegasus vehicle is made in this way.

- The vehicle base is a 4x4 (that is what we see in your picture)
- It is given a buff to remove its model mesh parts
- The Pegasus model is placed above it.
- The player is position so it looks like they are sitting on the Pegasus.

This is all done using a buff in the buffs.xml.

Based on your picture, the buffs.xml is not loading.

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2 hours ago, shizhiwen said:

I tried to extract the horse and Pegasus separately, but the horse can be extracted normally. There is no Pegasus model. I didn't find this model file. Please help me. I'll be grateful475855704_QQ20220517165231.thumb.png.19b94aa26e566577642b78f64d530aab.png

Just keep in mind that these are purchased assets and not for reuse in any other form. Some of the packs used for nmm are included as downloads for npc mod, and many of oaks modlets are in separate form on another thread, but the assets that are not already in modlet form are not going to be offered as standalone modlets.

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Here is a small update to fix some bugs and rebalance based on feedback
-Recipes for Oil and Flax Tape are set to default format
-Pegasus Friend vehicle added to Tier 4, and beyond, for tier completion bonus
-All lootable carts switched to a new 'extend' to allow for consistent wrenching
-Deco and placed carts give items appropriate for their type
(Butcher gives a little meat, Ammo gives a little Flintlock/Blunderbuss ammo, Vegetable
possibly gives a pumpkin bun)
-Vehicle replacement carts removed all car parts but give a little extra scrap iron to 
- A little localization
Thanks to arramus for the update


Edited by drkstardragon (see edit history)
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2 hours ago, arramus said:


- 车辆底座是 4x4(我们在您的图片中看到的)
- 为移除模型网格部件提供了增益
- 飞马模型放置在其上方。
- 玩家处于位置,因此看起来他们坐在飞马座上。

这一切都是使用 buffs.xml 中的 buff 完成的。

根据您的图片,未加载 buffs.xml。

It has been extracted successfully. Thank you for your answer! Cheers!

35 minutes ago, drkstardragon said:

请记住,这些是购买的资产,不能以任何其他形式重复使用。用于 nmm 的一些包作为 npc mod 的下载包含在内,许多 Oaks 模块在另一个线程上以单独的形式存在,但尚未以模块形式的资产将不会作为独立的模块提供。

OK, I fully respect the author's labor achievements. I extracted it, but I like this model very much. It is limited to my private use. Thank you for your answer! Good luck

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The NMM Medieval Town (CP 48 Medievil Village) has 31 unique POIs that can be randomly placed on the Compo Pack Tiling system for their specific size. This is actually plenty because each town mixes up both the building tiling system and POIs to provide unique features.


Saying that, both the CP 48 Medievil Village, and by association NMM Medieval Town, can always make room for more and this can allow the random town size to be increased so there can be some very small towns and places verging on a Capital city.


Joust Arena is a 60 x 60 POI that has been submitted for CP 49. In the meantime, it will be customised for the NMM and bundled into the mod.


Wilderness Tagged version.



Tiles placed version. A bit moody in the Wasteland test world.



The new enemy and unique variety versions are going to need their own POIs for sure, and additional POIs can be made specifically with them in mind, where they do not exist.

Edited by arramus (see edit history)
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Will be a large update this weekend both content and fixes, will require a new game start to enjoy it all. We will try to keep the savebreakers down to a minimum. That being said, you dont have to update immediately and can wait for it as there are no critical fixes included, just alot of minor stuff.


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Update Changelog


localization added for old vending machine

localization added for dragonbenchtable

localization for new dwarven deco blocks and elven statue

testosterone removed from bears

apache chest renamed 

beer renamed to Dwarven Ale

new pois added 4 caves and jousting arena 

chaos marauder added to bandit pois

random screenshot mod added

custom load screen and escape menu added - Big thanks Magejosh they are lovely

more entities added for variety an challenge trolls/ogres/dark elves/fungal zombies

custom beds can be picked up

custom ammo cost balanced

UI adjusted

vitamins added and called mage spores

custom elven and dwarven companions added with custom sounds

various other fixes/balancing to pois and xml


Same download links, new map is available again big thanks to arramus as well for putting it all together

Edited by drkstardragon (see edit history)
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One of the POIs from @Laz Man (Medieval_Blacksmith_01) was replaced by its updated A20 version, and the additional level of polish will be noticeable. Apart from adding the custom forge to the outside area, a wheelbarrow near the blacksmith resources, an old rustic well, and loot switch where appropriate, it remains practically untouched and deservedly so. Much appreciated.


This serves as a Tier 1 Quest location (fetch/clear), but also makes for a cosy starter base with a functional forge and well.




This update also brings the Joust Arena in a friendly and hostile format. The friendly format contains the 'Royals' and a couple of their trusted guards that can be hired. The towers also contain ranged characters in a locked 'turret' state which is a nice feature sphereii and Xyth introduced to the NPCMod to expand available functions. The hostile version is T4 and also with locked ranged entities up in the towers with their crossbows and bows. It is reminiscent of The Wasteland Mod Prison but possibly a little more forgiving.


This one is getting attacked by a dragon.



There's a bit of tinkering in the background to consider a viable and appropriate light source beyond the burning shaft mod which is quite limited. Since there are no headlamps or weapon lights, it can get quite dark in there.


I'll be asking Oakraven for assistance on this option as it's something we use in the Snufkin weapons whereby a 'mod' is added as a dye to a player's headwear to provide beneficial buffs. The default models work just fine but these lit ones (The Firefly Jar and Orange Flower) do not want to play along very well.



A new test World has been uploaded to accommodate this update here.


It is the same generation as before but with subtle changes here and there.



The Main Menu has 6 possible images shown randomly. Thank you to @closer_ex for this very practical mod.



And @magejosh added a loading screen.



and an 'Escape' feature which brings up an interactive scroll that has a hyperlink back to this thread. ^^





Darkstardragon's new entities and decorations are very decent and will add that additional variety and challenge is some rather unexpected places.

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Just a small update for a critical thing and a few quality of life updates.


The Fish Starter Kit required old money to 'craft' and has been changed to Silver Coins since old money no longer exists.



The Fungus entities are added to BM.



And for testing purposes, a BM variant of the Giant Rat.



The Rad Mod has been renamed and given a new icon, since it was since hooked up to loot and is necessary for certain entities.



And since those nights and POIs can get very dark in there, a 'Mage Light Mod' has been added to the Trader inventory.



And a slight update to the 'Escape Menu' image.



As these are all minimal .xml updates to existing assests, it is not necessary to start a new world.

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карта с современными домами и зомби все сделал и установил как написано....выбирал разные карты при создании игры не помогло!

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