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Love this game, play all the time.  I'd say my time playing this game has been 70% SP and 30% MP.  According to Steam, at time of writing this, I have 866 hours into the game.


Looking for 1 or 2 others to play with... 


My simple, committed request is this:  We play at least a few times a week, and only play together.  I work full time, you probably do too.  I just want to play the game, but co-op with someone else.  Work happens, life happens... Hoping we could connect and play a few times a week, maybe more on the weekends.  Also, we play together so the world progression matches up.



  • Play on PC and have Discord for voice chat while playing.
  • Know the basics - I have no problem helping a newer player, but please at least have the basic experience - let's say 50+ hours gameplay.



  • Min-maxer - got a quest at a building you haven't looted?  Loot it first, then activate the quest, and loot it again!  Game mechanics ARE NOT CHEATING lol.
  • I prefer a slower game, i.e. 10 day hoards - I like exploring and building, but I like the game to kick just as hard based on the default game stage progression.


I can host no problem, I have the internets.


Looking for (central time) 7-ish to 10-ish PM weekdays and whenever-ish weekends.

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