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Better Building, Grid, Shapes, Colors and More


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I am originally a Minecrafter and as such I really like custom building. One thing I find truly annoying about 7 Days to Die is the restrictive grid style building. I would like to be able to do the following.

- Combine things in the same grid space in none solid blocks. (If something for example is marked with air it should allow additional placement.) 

- Pixel grid rather than block grid placement via hotkey (Similar to free place in Star bound, Sims 4, etc.)

- More shapes or a way to easily make custom shapes in and load them without being a mod (Similar to how prefabs work it would be nice to able to create custom block shapes. Maybe through a blender template or maybe provide a base unity file so people can learn how to make things in unity. These would be meshless shapes so users would only need to do the 3d model as the shape would inherit block material or painted mesh. Solid colors only unless user identified object faces and points.) 

- 24 Bit True Color Pallet often known as true color (Redo the painting system)

- Painting Should not revert when upgrading material hardness (As a base builder I hate this with a passion. Please fix this!)

- Bind shape to hotkey (Building large intricate bases would be so much better.)

All these features would make this game more appealing as a builder and because of the physics engine would make the game even more appealing to people who enjoy the artistic part of voxel games.

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