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Hosting a server in a CG NAT Network (linux)


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I'll try to be very short:


I am hosting a small server for me and a couple of friends on a dedicated linux ubuntu machine.

The provider is using CG NAT so it is impossible to connect to my ip.

SteamNetworking is unreliable and it has made the server unplayable since the last update.


So I am trying to use a vpn - zerotier.

While on the client machines using windows installation has been straightforward, the linux server machine is a different story.

I have installed the zerotier software on the server, I have joined the created network, but I can not connect to the 7d2d server. It should appear on LAN games but it does not.


Is there something I am missing? The serverconfig.xml is straightforward and does not give any clues...


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


edit: I am new to linux so my knowledge is really limited.

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