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Please restore the old Multiplayer server search, or update the new one.

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First of all, this is a great game dev, I've been a fan since the very first alphas, really excited in the upcoming updates for this game.

I also apologize if I post this in the wrong section, I am new to this forum.

Unfortunately I am very disliking the new Server search UI. But I cannot deny its pro.

(+) A lot more customizable, now I don't have to click through each server to pick a "No Dropping on Death" or "No PvP" to my liking, because I can just filter them.

But oh boy.. the cons.


I don't think these are "North America" servers.

The servers don't show up in their correct respective regions, so this update basically mean all server owners have to change their setting for them to show up in the correct region.

But then, what is the point of filtering correct regional servers? When I, a Vietnamese player, is having 400+ pings on Asia regions servers? (Which never happened before, the pings are often below 200)

Also, the pings aren't showing up correctly either, I now have to click through each server to see their ping, as they'd show up as "N/A" anyway.

How about... restoring the old search? OR tweak it by still allowing it to display ALL Servers at once, and let the players sort their server out through player count (And often, ping). And still keeping a filter mode in?

I apologize if my opinions may conflict with anyone here, I only humbly want to submit my opinions, hoping the devs may considering it.

Keep up the good work guys!

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