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Hi, lmao.
So, sometimes i dream about cheese (this mods):
1. Mounting brackets (or just the forearm): gives 2 more slots for modifications (literally 2 slots at the expense of one). This modification can be hung on all tools and weapons (except pipe ones). Can be crafted only from blueprint, craft: 10 steel ingots, and i don't know what to add tbh.
2. Some better loot from airdrops (a little bit)
3. Handle with bipods: that is very rare, and can be crafted only from blueprint. Have the smae stats like grip and bipods, but it's 2 in 1!
4. Improved parts: Increases accuracy of fire by 20%, but reduces the rate of fire by 15%, can be crafted only from blueprint (lazy to add it to other suggestions). For guns only (and for pipes too)
5. Lightweight Details: Incraeses reload speed by 15%-20%, but the durbality of the weapon is reduced by 15-20%.
6. Comfortable handle: Incrases accuracy of shooting increases by 10%-15% when aiming, and the expenditure of endurance is reduced by 25%

Fun stuff:
1. Soundtrack for 1 April, is song of "Eduard Hill" for blood moon, and all models of zombies changed by troll faces (on the screenshots)

That's al.


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