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Pickup and also place objects in the open world

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It would be really nice to be able to pickup lets say a rake, 2x4, pipe, right out of the world and use it as a weapon. To contrast that, it would also add to the immersion it we could place items in the world. For example, place our weapons onto weapon racks, or just simply place them anywhere we like. Very similar to how we use candles and torches now, but with a little more flexibility as to where we can put them. 



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This isn't that kind of game.  Maybe later with a mod.


But... items decay in this game once dropped into the world (that might be able to change) and if too many things are left around then the world would have more and more lag as time went on, with no easy way to fix that short of picking up a lot of items.  This would be especially true for multiplayer games.  Games like TLD have FAR fewer modifiable elements to their game world so they can get away with persistence at that level.

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On 4/27/2022 at 4:44 PM, Rabbitslovecactus said:

but with a little more flexibility as to where we can put them. 

I might be wrong in some technicalities but…Since 7D2D is a voxel game, essentially only 1 item can take up 1 “voxel space” (a block) at the minimum, but can be a lot larger (take your more spaces). As a result, generally you can’t place an item close to another item (as only 1 item can be in a block/space (and that item can be very much smaller than the space the block takes up) There are tricks to make them look closer, such as making an item sit at the edge(s)of a block, and then setting multiple items (blocks) down so they are all close together (edge with item to edge with item ), but the rest of the block will be open space. 

anyway, some minecrafty games manage to do more than this (so it might not be a pure limitation of Voxel games) but 7D essentially is keeping it “one block to one item”) as far as I’ve heard/seen


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