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Better Parkour

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The current parkour system is lacking. After playing Dying light, I really noticed how much parkour could be evolved. Considering there are different levels, it would be nice to acquire the ability to grab onto ledges, climb poles and trees, jump off walls, run and slide, etc.... This would make parkour a lot more immersive. 



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I have max parkour and I feel like my friends who haven't leveled at all in it are so handicapped. I think it should be nerfed fall damage wise. I can jump off a 50M tower and be fine.


The ability to pull yourself up would really change the game. It's more realistic and adds a layer of strategy to base building.

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As much as I would love to see more Dying Light in this game I don't see it happening, well maybe what Warmer said about pulling yourself up could happen and maybe a few other tricks.  But none of that will happen before release if ever, that much you should expect.

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Posted (edited)

That would be a lovely crossover.  I've said it myself, here, more than once too.


However, as a frequent flyer in Parkour 4, its already pretty OP.   Dying Light is a game that is built with Parkour baked in.  7 Days was not.

Biiiiig difference.


That being said, I still think it would be a lovely crossover.

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