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I'm sure you get a lot of block suggestions. Here's a few I've desired over the past few months:


Secret Door - Acts like a regular door, but looks like "Fake Cabinet Door 1x2". That is, it looks like wall, but players would see the Press E to Open message as a reward for searching.


Double Doors - to match "Window Store", "Window Store Bulletproof", and perhaps "Trap Window Store."


Elevator Doors that can be forced open. Three states: Open, Partially Open, Closed.


A nice set of alternatives to the Wood Sign that could be use for making business signs like "Sign Shop Savage Country", etc but (obviously) without any logos. There could be both a "Lit" and "Unlit" version. To go with this the block conversion tool that we use to bring POIs up from a previous version to the current version needs to remember to bring the sign's text along with it. (Hunting down lost text is a serious bummer, dude.)


Mailbox - Centered, No Pole - meant to be set upon another block, like a front porch railing.


Mailbox - Non-Centered, No-Pole version meant to be hung off the side of a block wall.


Realtor Sign - Kind of like the "Condemned Sign" that already exists. Maybe a "For Sale by Owner" sign to go with it.

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