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Prefab Editor - Parts from a Modlet's File Structure


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I was curious what other POI modlet creators are doing related to Custom Parts.


Details... A20.0 brought with it the wonderful "Parts" feature, where you can include prebuilt things in a POI and assign a chance of that part being placed. That is, you can place a "Roof Greeble" and indicate it should get placed 60% of the time. The feature gets used both on Tiles and in POIs.


The trouble is the Prefab Editor does not know to look for Parts inside of a Modlet's files.


The "work around" comes with its own problems. You could place your modlet's files in your game's Prefabs/Parts folder. Then you can build POIs using your custom parts. But if you develop using resources outside of your modlet, then you have to potentially manage multiple copies of the same files. If you fail to copy a new custom part to your modlet, you may not notice is absence when testing because the part might have a low percentage chance of being placed.


I've made a video that shows what I mean...




So, what do y'all do?


I also have a bug report in, but I've started to think I must be the only one "suffering" and perhaps I'm missing something obvious.



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Based on Khaine's mention that Windows now supports symbolic links (finally) I tried that as a potential solution to this issue. That is, I made a symbolic link to my Mod's Parts directory from the Game's Parts directory...


cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs\Parts>
mklink ZZParts /d "C:\Users\zzton\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Mods\ZZTong Prefabs\Prefabs\Parts"




The POI Marker Editor can now see the Parts in my modlet.

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