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Dear purveyors of pleasure (yes, TFP if you will)


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I readily admit that this idea struck upon watching another persons playing on the youtube, but given my love of all things taco and fajita based, I make the following request:


Taco seasoning packets.


Add instantaneous variety to every survivor's meal plan by allowing something similar to fish tacos. 2 cornbread + 1 protein + 1 packet of taco seasoning = 1 (insert protein name here) taco. Meat, Beef rations Chicken rations, heck even lamb can be made into taco-ey goodness!


Part of the idea came to me whilst making up some venison tacos, the rest of the idea from watching Mr. Glock9's new Taco Truck series.


Taco seasoning! Found in convenience stores and Shamway Foods stores near you! :) 


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