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Zombie night in the Love Truck


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It has been my dream to do a zombie night from the back of my beat up 4x4 with my friends.


Only problem is.....I cant shoot from vehicles.


Picture it . You and your 3 besties kicking back some coldies just chillin in your pickup. Omg what time is it ?!?!!? its 2 minutes till 10 and we're 6km from base.......buckle up @%$#es and strap on your sidearms cause there's about to be a @%$#storm and here I am without an umbrella .


Molotovs smashing on the dash, Rockets out the back and a trail of shell casings from one side of the map to another. You and 3 mates being chased by the horde, dodging cop vomit and ramming those sweet sweet Demo men and every fat pizza guy you can find.  Throw in a @%$#ing T-Rex and you've got Jurassic 7 days to die without the @%$#y screams from little kids.


T-rex not required.



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While I think this would be an absolute blast (Like your buds are on a flatbed trailer while you drive and they are shooting stuff), I doubt this will be implemented.  People would no longer build bases.  Why bother when you can just jump in the truck and drive off for Blood Moon?  That said, I still think it's an awesome and fun idea, though.  And the driving would be tough if it actually mimicked Big Rig steering, especially with the roads in Navezgane.  You would have to worry about throwing your buddies off of the truck with turning too fast or crashing.


Ok, I changed my mind.  I don't think this will happen, but it definitely should 😛



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