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NEW Ideas for Zombies in 7days (or perhaps u can make a mod?)


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Bunnys > killer bunnys thats jumps and bite u

Chickens > Killer Chicken that pick you and every pick is 1% (a horde 10chickens at the time)

Deer > KIller deer with only one atler at one side, red eyes and it run to u when u will see it

Flaming Zombie (not the burned) > run with flames, when u go to near, ur burning too

Radioactive Zombie > green zombie like in the one mod, when u get near = screen gehts greener and ticktick tick like a radioactive measure tick tick tick

Psycho Zombie > Has 2 Heads and upper body but only 2 legs (has 4 hands)

Sand Dust Zombie > a zombie like a sandstorm (ur vision will be near zero when u get to near to him)

Metal man > a zombie that look like the Die Ritter der Kokosnuß (Originaltitel Monty Python and the Holy Grail, zu dt. „Monty Python und der Heilige Gral (ist doch nur ein kratzer)

                    slow like a turtle but 10x harder then other

Child > a child that sings a song "where are uuuuuuu" appears VERY ofter in the night (very often), when it has said 5x the screamerwoman comes


change idea for existing zombie head zombie

please give him a unique voice/sound...it has the sound from another zombie...thats boring

thx for reading...perhaps someone can make this as a mod?



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The Snufkins and robeletos zeds have some that are similar to these I think.

(Like metal zombie). I have a rabbit mod that is a very brutal (and very rare spawn) you could tweak to make it less brutal, and there are other killer rabbit mods.

someone made a “chickens attack you” mod but I don’t know what it is/was and cannot find it. But it is doable.


edit: there used? to be a “giant killer rabbit” mod, like a rabbit the size of a boar, that was based of my killer rabbit (internal attack/power xml) but server side safe. Much easier to shoot and much fun when you see it breaking down a door to kill you 


for the “multiple heads” I have Not seen any mods with these. Also for the “sounds” no one has made these that I know of and made them available as a mod. There are some “kid sized” zeds (errnulls zeds) but none have voices I know of. 

check these mods out, it might get you part of what you’re looking for:







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