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Living off the Land Suggestion


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I saw many players complaining about new farm system (although personally i dont have anything against the new farm system (even more because I believe getting food now from animals are alot easier than before, balancing the "harder farming")), but I can understand their feeling and so I thought about a possible solution.


How about changing the way Living Off The Land works, instead of increasing how many crops you get, the perk will instead increase how many times you can harvest the same crop.

The planted crops (if fully grow) now will have a hidden health, every time a player "hits" a fully grow planted crop it will grant some crop and suffer damage, if health drops to 0 the crop will break leaving or not a seed.

All crops wild or planted will drop the same value of 3 corns.


Eg.: Planted crops have a HiddenHealth of 7, hitting it will bring it back to starting grow if health remains.

Living off the Land Lv. 0: hitting crops damage it at 7 damage. 0% chance to get a seed.

Living off the Land Lv. 1: hitting crops damage it at 5 damage. 25% chance to get a seed.

Living off the Land Lv. 2: hitting crops damage it at 3 damage. 50% chance to get a seed.

Living off the Land Lv. 3: hitting crops damage it at 2 damage. 75% chance to get a seed.


How about new Books about farming? personaly I dont think its necessary so I didnt post about it, if you insist I could reddit it about books.


I believe this way farming will be more balanced and close? to what developers want, farming will be good and consistent and you will not be able to insta get a absurd number of crops like before, but will have instead a long time income.

I wanted to explain more but i'm not a native so I tried to resume my thought feel free to comment about it whatever you guys feel right.

(If someone has already posted something like this before then I'm really sorry, I first tried to search but didnt find anything like it before)

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An interesting compromise. I don't mind the farming as it is now or how it was in a19. At first though, as many others where, I was taken aback with the changes made. With time and actually trying out the new system, plus seeing how plentiful the actual plants are in game I've come to accept and appreciate the new system. I now get excited any time I find a seed somewhere. I enjoy the hunt of finding different crops in the wild. (found a hops field guarded by a boar) 


I think those that complain don't fully appreciate farming and only want easy plant it and forget it type mechanics. I firmly believe people love the idea of game changes, but hate when changes are made. 

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