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Wildlife and ambience (maybe a "The Great Outdoors" update?)


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So I've noticed that alot of the wildlife and entities from the earlier versions have been nerfed or removed entirely (i.e. tree stumps with hidden loot). Personally I feel like all I see are zombies and rarely a deer out in the forest biomes along with the occasional bear. I love to see the more urban focus the title has taken, but I believe there is plenty of room for both in this beautiful game. It would be cool to see a whole update dedicated to building up and diversifying the wooded biomes, possibly with added entities to fill the emptiness. Maybe new biomes such as swamps or bayous with featured new dangers such as crocodiles or large snakes. New buckets could even exist for these or maybe its irradiated counterpart, which features irradiated animals and toxic waterways. Let me know what you guys think!

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