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Boat crafting and murder islands.

Bustin Jeeber

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The idea is simple.  I don't know.  Beyond gyrocopter crafting, boat crafting to access islands toward the endgame where ammo and other endgame supplies are plentiful, but are booby-trapped and loaded with zombies.  Maybe even a zombie type or two that has been on an island by itself and mutated into boss-level undead who are unfazed by level 6 steel armor and level 6 weapons.  Is this a humongous ask that probably goes well beyond even an entire Alpha update?  Yes.  

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Just thinking… as this is interesting . And it may not work, as I’ve never tried this but have always wanted a “water world” to suffer in.  And since it’s “ping dreams” I would like to add: if the water update gets done, please please please allow Water blocks to be colored OR provide a “blood” colored water block that acts like regular water. Then, obviously, replace the “water covered world” discussed here with “blood covered world” where there’s just an ocean of blood to swim/boat through to get to the islands.


1. with the new “tile” system, you could make custom “island” tiles… basically put a building or two on them, basically. It might not even be necessary to even so this, but the idea is the “Islam tile” will be different than “regular tiles” in that the places buildings are put on will be “raised” sometimes, maybe 2-4 blocks higher than normal “ground level”


2. You might have to make these “tiles” also not have a lot of “road connection” options.  I’m just guessing here, but maybe make them all “1 way street” and dead end”, mostly. 

2.1. you’ll have to remove all the vanilla “tiles”, or maybe just “some” this part gets hard, but for argument say “remove them all”. Of course, put your own custom ones in described  above.


3. Load up a new rwg map. Choose the options so it makes a lot of “city” and maybe for fun do a lot of “cracks” so the land is very variable BUT not a lot of mountains. You want a *mostly flat* world with huge valleys and peaks/mesas.


I would assume that since your tiles do not have a lot of connection options, a “lot of city” would make a lot of mini cities. Like very small little clumps that are not connected. This is an assumption BUT what you would be looking to create.


4. you’ll have to hand edit this, but hand edit the resulting map files so that there is about 2-3 blocks of water on top of the entire map…. OR however they did it with the Wintwreeen mod where everything was covered in several feet of snow.


5. load the watercraft mod, to get boats.


at this point you might? Have a lot of “islands” of mini cities and some mesas, but most of the map is covered in water. It’s possible some of the pois are semi underwater… but likely since water doesn’t flow yet they will be surrounded by water but the edges are “dry”. Maybe once water is reworked it will “fill in” these areas…

6. hand edit the entityclasses files (or make a mod, much easier) to either ramp up the health/armor of the zeds.  This part is least “like you mentioned” as it would affect all zeds. But hey, it’s close?


7. load some of the “larger horde” mods.


8. crank up the difficulty to insane.


9. load up some boss zeds. Like Robeletos and Snufkins.


10. Booby trapped pois: nope, can’t imagine a way to do this without massive effort making custom pois. 

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I really like this idea! And not just because swimming is just.... the worst. I'm just curious how this would work. Would this island be a part of the random gen maps? Would the boat be a regular vehicle like a minibike? I could see you easily just waiting out a blood moon out in the middle of the ocean while zombies below you gather together.


I'm thinking if you want to also include an island with custom POI's, different zombies, and high-tier weapons/ammo, then the boat would serve as more of a 'warp' point to a separate server, maybe?

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