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[Traders Rewards] <==Click here for Mod

The skill points you receive are for after completing each Tier, not after each quest.  When the trader gives you double rewards, right before the option to ask for "Special jobs" appears, that is when the tier is complete. that extra set of rewards was for the tier quest, and that is when you get these points.

I've seen a lot of Mods/Modlets that increase the number of skill points per level, but personally think that this is more balanced for my style of play.  I'm not trying to dis on those mods, we need more skill points in the game, but I think earning them is a bit more balanced. 


Tier 1 =4 Skill Points
Tier 2 = 5 Skill Points
Tier 3 = 6 Skill Points
Tier 4 = 7 Skill Points
Tier 5 = 10 Skill Points



[BackPack 91 Slots] <==Click here for Mod

With this mod, you begin with 30 slots unlocked in the backpack. you can progress with Pack Mule to unlock an extra 40 slots for a total of 70 unlocked.

You will need 5 triple pocket armor mods to unlock another 15 and 3 double pocket clothing mods to unlock the final 6 for a total of 91 slots.
The Penalty for going over your currently unlocked slots has been reduced in order to make up for the extra slots.



[Quality ModSlot Boost] <==Click here for Mod

Simply increases the Number of ModSlots that each weapon/tool has, by 1 per Level. Tier 1 = 1 ModSlot, Tier 6 = 6 This Modlet increases the number of ModSlots that each weapon/tool has, by 1 per Level.

Tier 1 = 1 ModSlot
Tier 2 = 2 ModSlots
Tier 3 = 3 ModSlots
Tier 4 = 4 ModSlots
Tier 5 = 5 ModSlots
Tier 6 = 6 ModSlots 

The Mod Should work with any tool, weapon, and armor added by any other xml modlet (overhauls like Darkness Falls may have issues). 

Will not work with already acquired items. if added to an existing Game, new items found SHOULD work just fine. You can cheat in and replace old items with new ones if you don't want to start a new game (new game recommended though cause I hate the cheat menu).




[Food & Farming] <==Click here for Mod

Seed costs are reduced as the Living Off the Land Perk is increased. This uses the same cost reduction as the farm plots so rank 2 and 3 are the same
5 crops = 1 seed at no ranks
3 crops = 1 seed at 1 rank
2 crops = 1 seed at 2 ranks
2 crops = 1 seed at 3 ranks

The following foods have a reduced ingredient cost of 10% per rank of Master Chef. At some levels, the change won't be seen due to rounding and no rank has a 0 of any ingredient. 

Grilled Meat
Hobo Stew
Meat Stew
Gumbo Stew
Shepard's Pie
Tuna Fish Gravy Toast
Steak and Potato




[Tier 6 Crafting] <==Click here for Mod

Craft Tier 6 items through normal progression. Rank 5 in a crafting perk unlocks Tier 6 crafting for that item.

I added an extra level to the Light and Heavy Armor perks which allows them to also be crafted at Tier 6

the perks Affected are:




[Quick Start] <==Click here for Mod

The Long 8 tier quest chain of tedious gathering and crafting before the game gives you the location of the trader has been removed. 

The only thing you need to do is craft the bedroll and place it, then the rest of the quest chain is skipped and you get your 4 skill points and move on to the white River Trader quest.


Great for people who like PermaDeath runs or who Stream/Record and tend to start multiple game sessions and don't want their viewers (or themselves) to get burnt out on the same thing over and over and over and over and over.

Banner new2.png

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[Burnt Workstation Schematics] <==Click here for Mod


With this mod you can find Burnt Workbench Schematics in Destroyed Workbenches, Burnt Forge Schematics in Destroyed Forges, etc.. All the Burnt schematics can be found in the trash.

This only adds Burnt Schematics for the Work Stations, not tools, weapons, or generators.

5 of the Burnt Schematics can be crafted into a vanilla schematic for the appropriate workstation.

Tested: Server Side only. (Only the hosting party needs this Mod Installed)

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