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Fan Art - 7d2d Posters / wallpapers / whatnot


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Been doing some fan art this week on the free time I had, just some random stuff I make either to practice some skills or just for fun. though was worthy to share here.


Vintage look wallpaper for my pc.




A3 Poster concept. Vinatge / Regular look.






Tshirt concept




All just fan art made using TFP assets, just for personal use / fun. hope someone likes them. I will probably upload more soon.

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thanks, i though about that for sure, but was not worthy to hand vectorize the game shotgun for this, its just some mockup so the ocd monster gave me a pass on some stuff.

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all of this is great!

Keep it up brohammer!

On 3/5/2022 at 8:19 PM, Mumpfy said:

Who uses cash in the apocalypse? duct tape, ill get paid in duct tape.



Had some time today and made some uncle sam style inspired poster.



were is the trader bob one

"i want you to go F&^* yourself and give me your dukes"

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