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Bok Bok Boaiiins...


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So when I first started playing, I saw one of the nurse zombies tootling about in what _looked_ like an attempt to follow the wild chicken that was running around the area. This was further influenced by what I thought was bad chicken noises. Sadly, it was actually just noise in the soundtrack and ambient noise.


So I would like to recommend a quality of life enhancement: bird brain mode for zombies, struggling to put any of their past intellect to work. When they see chickens they have a chance to go after them AND make whatever they remember as being chicken noises. BOk bok booaaauhhhhhhhhk. *runs after chicken*


Nothing like trying to sneak in a house and instead of hearing the grass shuffle noises, hearing bok bok Bok Bok BOK BOK BOK *real chicken noise as it runs past* zombie Baauhhhk *shuffles after chicken* - this could be unique per zombie and work on other wild animals like the wolf or rabbits. Think Nightmare Before Christmas Axe-head Guy: BUNNY!



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