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(A20 latest)Custom Explosion Particle Loader(Currently testing!)


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After about a whole week's developing and testing, I've finally decided to make this public to the modding community.


What does it do?

Basically as its name suggests, it allows you to use your own particle prefab for explosion. I assume everyone ever worked with explosives feels pity for the limited particle options. Worry not now, with compatibility in mind, this thing comes to your rescue. You can even use your own scripts on your particles, which of course have the ability to affect gameplay!


A short showcase video for this mod, particle shared by guppy



How should I make use of it?

I wrote a tutorial in the tutorial section, link: Using custom explosion particles with working scripts in A20

And in my GitHub repository linked in that tutorial, there is a working sample mod with a whole lot visual scripts.


Keep in mind that it's still under testing!

Well, although I've tested the mod under multiple use cases, and it's working perfectly in hosted MP, I'm still too afraid to say the word "stable". Please give it a try and report any bug at this discord channel: A tiny channel in Guppy's discord server


Download the mod from NexusMods


Thank you all in advance for participating!

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