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7 days of wishing


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So been playing since A15 and love it the game. It's great skit. Have a suggestion for a couple things that may make for a more interesting experience for most if not all.


1. Old Cash - Instead of selling to the Trader how about giving it a use. Make it the currency involved in buying bars and food etc from vending machines both at trader outposts and in the vending machines around the map.


2. Bedrolls - Allow players to put down and mark more than one bedroll to spawn at. So many other survival games allow for it. It would allow people to set up different bases. Horde bases. Staging bases etc for different resources etc.


3. Trader Quests - something where you have to build and develop infrastructure.

Restore power could be a night mission where you connect a traders via power lines etc to a generator that's in a building nearby. You have to use wire tool and relays maybe even build a pole to connect the power lines with.


4. Animals - there's feral/zombie bears so why not feral/zombie wild pigs, feral/zombie cougars. Something to makec the animals more difficult

4.2 - Animals - what about small packs of wolves or dogs roaming instead of just the one. Or maybe a Dire Wolf has 2 regular wolves follow it.


5. Weapons - remove that awful animation where your avatar spins the chamber, which happens when you reload the Revolver. 


6. Reintroduce barbed wire as a craftable item to use for building. Its still in CM and God Mode.


7. Companion animals - any chance of us getting a horse instead of the bicycle. Could balance it by needing to feed and water the horse in a stable, craft 2 trough (1 food, 1 water) 

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