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Quests more resilient to network issues online, expand time for restore power


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My internet provider has been slacking and for the last few weeks my connection has been dropping occasionally, usually only for 15 seconds or so, but that is enough for my connection to drop to the server I play on.  This really affects my questing.  It is really frustrating when I'm 90% done with that T4 restore power and the quest resets (or when I'm on the last area for a T5).   If it is after 1:00 am, I can't restart the quest.   When I leave and do other things and come back the next night, it says the area is unavailable.  I have to drop the quest and pick another after waiting an entire in-game day thinking I could do the quest the next night.


1) Dropping connection shouldn't reset a quest.  Maybe there could be some sort of delay so if you come back on in 5 minutes you can continue.  Maybe longer...   Zombies and items won't have respawned yet, I think it should be easy to save the current quest details with the player.


2) The time window for restore power is VERY limiting.  I would love to see it expanded to 8 pm to 4 am or something.  I don't really know why it's a night-only quest, why can't you restore power in the daytime?  I do see some lights come on at night that weren't on before, but I can't think how that would matter much if at all to the quest.  They are fun quests, and sometimes my trader has 4 of them.

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