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LCB Suggestions for Multiplayer


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I just saw this forum, but I had already started a topic in General:



 Brand new to the game (only 166 hours since I got it for Christmas), and first time on this forum. 👋


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allow allies to place right next to each others LCB or users can grant permissions to their LCB via multiplayer menu


I did a high level search and couldn't see anything on this, so I'm still not sure this has been suggested, (sorry if it has :classic_sad:), but I'm sure LCBs are a talking point already as It's been a point of confusion and frustration (a couple of those 166 hours dedicated to figuring out how exactly they work) for a newbie like me, but I came up with a few potentially simple solutions, knowing each could presents their own set of programmatic challenges, but here they are:

Problem: Party/Allies like to collaborate in base building, but without greatly reducing the cover size, only 1 person's land claim block can cover the base, giving them exclusively all it's privilege's, causing players to needlessly login on dedicated servers to switch out their LCB for another users who would like to utilize said privileges.

Solution 1: Allow land claim blocks to be placed right next to each other for allies, and since they're touching they can all share the same settings as the first block placed, I.E. block coverage, dead-zone, etc... set by the server. (admittedly, not the most elegant or my favorite solution)


Solution 2: Allow land claim blocks privileges to be granted to allies via the multiplayer window, I dunno if all-or-none would be best or more granular (i.e. playerX can move traps, turrets, etc.. playerY can move crafting stations, etc...) would be best.


As an SDET on a programming team, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my company's and other's software, so I hope this reaches the devs if it hasn't already been suggested. 

Thank you for your time




Here is the original conversation so far:


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