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Unable to interact with loot containers


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Summary: Unable to interact with loot containers


Game Version: Alpha 20.2 (b2) Compatibility Version: Alpha 20.2, Build: Windows 64 Bit

Platform: PC

OS/Version: Windows 10 (10.0.19042) 64bit

CPU Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6800K CPU @ 3.40GHz (cores: 12)

System Memory: 16 GB 

GPU Model and VRAM: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (8079 MB)

Screen Resolution: 3440 x 1440, 100hz, window 3440 x 1440, mode FullScreenWindow

Video Settings: Ultra 

Game mode: MP client 


Did you wipe old saves? Not on the world where the issue resides.

Did you start a new game? Yes, issue did not occur in new world

Did you validate your files? Yes

Are you using any mods? No

EAC on 


Status: NEW


Bug Description:

The character is unable to interact with loot containers. They are able to interact with the drone companion, motorcycle and personal inventory.


Detailed steps to reproduce the bug - assumption:


1) Interact with a loot container (no mission active)

2) Secondary person started a mission for the building in which I resided

3) No longer able to interact, including after restarting of client and host.


Actual result: unable to interact with loot containers.


Expected result: still able to interact with the containers.

Client Log: https://pastebin.com/Fu2x9NZY

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Usually this is caused by a poor connection (desync causing this). 

  1. 2022-02-09T21:29:16 50.739 INF NET: LiteNetLib trying to connect to:
  2. 2022-02-09T21:29:16 50.741 INF Exited thread ServerBrowserListUpdater
  3. 2022-02-09T21:29:22 56.899 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Connection failed: ConnectionFailed
  4. 2022-02-09T21:29:22 56.899 INF NET: Steam NW trying to connect to:
This shows that your host likely doesn't have ports forwarded properly and/or has security/antivirus software blocking (i.e. no exceptions for the game) the game/its ports. Have them try to recify that and try again. Could also be your connection, check your antivirus/firewall/etc and reboot your network/computer. For example, I was playing with 2 other friends a little while back and one of them had really bad internet (the ISP needed to replace some lines), and was occasionally either disconnecting or having his ping shoot way up high and come back down. In times when he was connected, frequently after having bouts of being frozen (high ping), he would have the same thing happen and would have to log out and back in.
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Well, we have been playing for multiple hours at this point and have done so on multiple days. I am still able to fight along my companions, kill the zombies, ride the motorcycle and all this without issues.


The desync would be caused in this case due to my client believing I was still interacting with the chest while the server reset it. Not allowing me to interact with it. Yet after resetting both client and server the state did not change.


This is not merely a connection related issue.

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Simple troubleshooting first, failing to connect via LiteNetLib shows there are routing issues. You never know, could be an issue with your ISP, your networking adapter may need resetting/dns flushed, etc. But the failure to connect via LiteNetLib inherently isn't bad per say, but if you suddenly have internet issues it can cause problems since you're layering a spotty connection on top of using Steam NW instead of the net lib.

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Sorry, but just doubling down on it is a connection issue is not going to help me in anyway.


If this was a solely connection issue, I wouldn't be able to interact with drones, vehicles, inventories, crafting menus, locks, bashing zombies heads in, etc. Without a single form of delay or hick up. We reset the connections, both from the client and host end. Other players have no issues on the server. I didn't have issues on the server for over 20h of play time. 


There is something else that is preventing either the client or the server to send or accept the request to open the inventory of those items. Yes other people can interact with them. It also wouldn't explain why it doesn't cause issues in a new save file and world, if it was the connection as that should be seperate from the save.

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I stopped counting the times people have insisted that the issue is not related to X only to find out later that yes, X was the reason they were having the issue.


Usually when interfacing with people that are trying to help you, you listen to what they have to say, look into what they ask you to do, and report it back out.  Even if it doesn't fix the issue, it reduces something they see as not correct.  It also can give them more insight into your issue.


Asking for help, then completely ignoring what a QA person is asking you to check, even claiming they are wrong....what do you want them to do?  At least Jugginator didn't go into a rant about you, they just face palmed.


When I go to the experts (and yes Jugginator is one of the experts who can try to help you out), I listen to what they say and do what they tell me.  Even I don't think that is causing the issue, I too want to eliminate that as a possibility.

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3 hours ago, Onasus said:

Face palm all you want, very unprofessional. 


If the same host functions with a new world, that means the connection between my client and theirs is not the variable that is causing the issue.


All I'm saying is, in every case of this I've seen it was caused by a botchy connection. Yes, in all of those cases interaction with things like you listed such as drones/doors/vehicles function but the loot containers weren't accessible. Exact same thing. The networking part is the quickest and simplest check, something caused it and will cause it again. And, networking issues like that don't always present themselves consistently.


I've seen (counting on hand from memory) 4 or 5 of these happening, two are personal (once happened to me once on a server when my NIC was dying another happened to a friend in an MP game who was riddled with issues with his internet).


The failure to re-establish the loot container sync is certainly an issue that should be resolved one way or another, for sure either way. The netcode of the game also needs some optimization which will come in time, of course.


If the connection to litenetlib is successful (which it isn't in the log) and there aren't a lot of packet drops (easiest to see with pingplotter's free trial to the host's IP)  and the issue persists, then hard-debugging is the next step. Although none of the symptoms or anything in the log file shows a corrupted player save, which would be about the only other cause (though player save corruption I've never seen it partially corrupt it's either dead and reset to nothing or not even allowed to join).


And I'm sorry if it offended you, it was meant to be a "just try it please" is all

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Action taken on my end:

- Reset the connection from the client end, did not change the behavior. (the suggested solution)

- Reset the connection on both the host and client end, did not change the behavior.

- Initiated a new world, no issue in the new save. 


Regarding my connection:

- There are no issues with my ISP at the time, according to their service website and no maintenance being conducted.

- The internet connection is a glass fiber connection, no issues with my internet service has occurred.

- I did not experience high ping as far as I can tell, no freezing or lag on my end.


In all my game sessions I have always connected through the Steam NW and had a failure on the LiteNetLib.

I will contact our host to see if he can forward the ports and make the exception for the game in order to get the LiteNetLib to connect.

Why would the issue persist if the connection is re-established?

If this does not resolve the issue, are there any other areas that we can try and debug?


What information would you require in case we do decide to try and continue this playthrough (we might do a full reset).

I am not going to try to reconstruct the issue, though if this helps as I don't think this is a scenario that happens often;
- I was in the large (believe T5) crack-a-book, I was in the basement interacting with the main hardened chest (the one you unlock); I did not have a quest active to clear that building (I entered it at the start of the night while waiting for the trader to open and it took me more than the night to clear it).

- At that point one of the buddies enabled their Tier 5 quest that reset the POI (was great fun, dealing with those zombies again...)

- After that I was no longer able to interact with any loot container.

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There is the info that we needed. Steam networking is a generally lousy connection to the server versus LiteNetLib. Being forced to use Steam NW usually results from the server host not having forwarded the correct ports or the server host is behind a NAT, if I’ve read the information pinned topic in this thread. I’ve read about so many people with desync issues and server lag due to using Steam NW.  If at all possible, get LiteNetLib working if you want a stable connection to the server.

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Slight necro, but my buddy had the same bug yesterday (I started a mission with him inside the POI). He could still pick up dropped gear and use vehicles, but couldn't access any containers (neither crafted chests nor any loot containers.)


We "fixed" this by disabling EAC.

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18 hours ago, Whelp said:

Slight necro, but my buddy had the same bug yesterday (I started a mission with him inside the POI). He could still pick up dropped gear and use vehicles, but couldn't access any containers (neither crafted chests nor any loot containers.)


We "fixed" this by disabling EAC.

Generally, this is caused by a connection issue  between the player and server causing the server not to see you trying to access the containers even though you can do certain things like opening doors. It may also be a big that appears to be server related.  Either way, reloading usually resolves this.  I don't know if disabling EAC is an actual fix or just the fact that they reloaded.

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7 hours ago, Fuzz said:

I am having this issue in a fresh install and not playing on a server...

Also post your output log file. Instructions for using pastebin.com to post the link are located in the pinned topic “Read Before Making a New Thread”.

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So, I'm just putting this out there because I've run into something like this recently and I managed to solve it.   It's late/early in the morning here, but I'll spend the time to explain for as long as it takes for my meds to kick in and knock me out for 8 hours. 


So this morning, I installed 2 new mods, one being a teleporter mod and the other better loot options for zombies.  I played probably 8 hours straight with no issues, and after testing the teleporters out, discovered that the teleporters didn't work in an expected way so I removed them from my dedicated server after shutting it down for a few hours. A few hours went by before I logged back in and started playing again, but when I did something odd happened.   


If you are still reading this then let me explain.  When you add a mod, craft an item from that mod, and place it either in your container or keep it in your inventory, and then you remove that mod, it begins throwing errors in your dedicated server log informing you of an invalid item.  If you attempt to access the container the item was in, it will systematically lock you out of all containers until you restart the server and/or your game. In addition, you may run into a situation where every time you try to access the container using the 'E' interact button, that it pops up the console. However, that doesn't fix the problem by itself.  


The game will not magically forget about that invalid item in your storage or in your inventory even if you deleted the mod from the server files. Instead it just keeps disabling the accessibility to containers until you find the container that contains the offending item and destroy the container entirely.  Once the container (which coincidentally contained a teleporter I had crafted), I was able to access all my containers, crafting tables, etc.   In any case, I really hope this helps someone out there who may be experiencing this issue, it took me several hours to figure it out and then I tested to make sure my suspicions were justified.  I kind of wish the Pimps would put in some sort of functionality that checks for invalid items and then cleans them off the server during the boot process however that's a complex bit of code and probably time consuming, and would contribute to even slower server booting.   

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