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Medival 7dtd


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I have good mood today so i decided to write about something positive. Well i know i know. We will have alpha for few years more at least but maybe this sequel/ spin off idea can be interesting.

First thing- a lot of solutions from 7dtd could be reused- RWG, crafting system, animations , textures assets etc So this allow to make some things cheaper and faster.

So let started: 

General assumptions  More darker,  setting similar to plague tale , witcher 1 and medival maps from painkiller. Changed balance of gameplay - bigger focusing on mining and haversting resources that looting. Bigger difficulty connected with survival aspect but easier fighting. Less "human made" POI's more "natural" POIs.  



1. armor/clothes slots this same as actual. 

2.  start and max number of health and stamina is this same but : 50 points can be get from perks and 50 from food and drink ( more explanation below)

3. New stat : max weight of armor - character can wear armor without being slowed down only if weight of clothes + armor is below limit. If character have  exceeded limit by 1.5 can't move. Weight have influence on food and water too - more weight = faster you will lose food and water points


World :


1.Radioactivity can't be used so world is set on penisula - it became cut from the land by breach in the ground. It cannot be crossed because let out of gas from underground. Sea is under storm all time so  swim away is not possible.

2. World is more wild so there is a lot of forest, swamps caves lakes etc It is possible to find city but the biggest one is so big as the small city from 7dtd.  Most of time you can find only small 5-10 houses village , battlefield, broken cart or gallows.

3. Villages and cities are surrounded by a wall : some of them are intacted  and player have to make a hole to get into but some villages have destroyed wooden walls. 

4. Most of zombies are in cities and  villages. You can find them outsided too  but rarer that in 7dtd.

5. World is more "edgy" so there is a lot of hanging corpses, torture devises , stocks, stakes with burned corpses, pillory, mud blood on walls , random body partes, rotting corpses on battlefields etc


Survival and crafting :

1. making food and get water is much more important that in 7dtd. Food can spoiled so early gamestage will be more focused on developing bases that on exploring. In mid and late gamestage spoiling will be not problem because new ore can help will with that - salt. There is 2 ways to get salt mining and by desalinate sea water. Meals can be "upgraded" using spices - some of them let you run faster or slower losing water.

2. farming is a little bit expended - there is 3  types of soil - poor , medium and rich. Better soil mean bigger chances of getting plant - sometimes can whiter. But soil can be upgraded by fertinizer 

3. There is more animals in forest so you can get more food but it is more dangerous - dog packed form 7dtd are changed into bigger wolfs packs.

4.  It is hard to loot something so crafting is more important. It is mix of LBD and actual system - by LBD  you can get highter quality of items and by perks you can get new schematics (or you can find this in books - more below).


Weapons and armors:


 the biggest diffrence? lack of guns. So what we have?

1. sword - with two groups - one hand are faster but have smaller dmg and range that slow two hands sword. Sword have high durability , good dmg but are very expensive.

2. axes - two groups this same thing.  Axes have big dmg but are slow and weak against armored enemies but are cheaper that  swords

3. maces hammers etc - same 2 groups,. Maces are fast but deal small number of dmg but is better againt armored enemies that axes.

4. Pikes - cheaper that sword , smaller dmg that axes but bigger that maces and rly good range but terrible durability.

5. throwing - 3 groups - knifes , axes and javelins. Knifes are fast and cheap and have big durability but small range and dmd, axes are something bettwen knives and  javelins. Javelins are expenisive but have rly good dmg and range but bad durability.

6. bows and crossbows - this same as 7dtd.

7. siedge tools - this group have a lot of thing in this category -  throwing slaked  limes that can blind enemies, "scorpions" which throwing big bolt, or  caulduron with boiling oil. This types of weapons are stationary and can be used to protect againt zombie horders or destroing defences of settlements.


Another big change in diffrent way of repairing

there is 2 types of durability - white and red.

White is typical  durability and can be restored and can be restored by using repair tools which have tiers.

Red durability is maximum durability and cannot be restored.

Example :  new sword have 100 durability. You use this sword for while and you have 50 durability.. If you use  1 tier repair tool it will gain 5% of durability and loose 10% of max  durability.  so this mean you have 55 durability and max 90 durability. If you know use another 1 tier repair tool it will restore 4,5% durability instead 5% and you will lose another 10%. So this mean that in some point you can't repair this armor part or weapon and will be useless. Only the last tier of tool will avoid loose max durability but this tier is extremaly expensive.


Well about expensive - do you know that sword were pretty rare in medival and a lot of people were going barefoot because shoes were expensive ? Here you have something similiar -

First tiers weapons are pretty cheap but have rly weak durability. So weapons are much rarer that in 7dtd but have more tiers (maybe 10). So the best option is to safe the best armors and weapons for dangerous zones. Well you don't need to wear plate armor and high quality sword when you go on hunting right?  you can go in raggs and with cheap bow.


But weapons and armors can be find in rare crates with diffrent tiers ( in noble man crate you will find high tier and quality sword , in village blacksmith crate you can find low tier and low quality spear etc). Crates can be find in cities , villages , near battlefileds or in fanatics camps( more below).


Enemies ;

This same types like in 7DTD :  zombies, animals and humans


1. zombies.

Similiar to 7dtd but with small change - zombies can have prefixes for example : 1 category -  starving, rotten decying zombies are slower , have less hp and less dmg but bigger infection chances, fresh -  faster , bigger dmg and hp but less chance to infected player . 2 catergory connected with posibble loot - poor zombie have weak chance to loot something and it will be low quality, medium zombie have medium chances to drop stuff and better loot pool. rich zombie have the best chances  too drop loot and it will be good. 

(examples of prefixes below)

types of zombies

old man/ woman - the weakest type of zombie, small dmg and small number hp - old people who became zombie.  few  variants example - poor , decying prefixes - beggar , rich decying - old king,   rich  fresh - rich merchant)

zombie teenager - i know this will be controversial but - this game would more edgy and harder so not for everyone and  it would be told on the begining about them so nobody will lose access after updated because it will be not avalible in some countries because it will be much brutal that 7dtd. So it will banned in this countries anyway.  Faster that normal zombie, smaller number of hp but harder to hit - few examples - poor decying - barefoot street urchin, poor - village boy, rich decying - noble boy, poor  decying - staved orphaned girl

Normal zombies - slower and less hp that  normal 7dtd zombie but in much bigger groups - villagers, traders, sailors, noble 

Strong zombies - much bigger dmg and more hp that normal zombie - examples lumberjack ,  strong sailor

armored  zombie - bigger dmg that normal zombie but not so big as strong zombie, this same number hp as normal zombie but  have defense - defence depends on tier of zombie - footrooper have smaller defence bonus that guard , guard small defence that knight etc.

Strong armored zombie -  much much bigger dmg, a lot of hp and defence but it is the slowest zombie. This zombie don't have fresh and decying prefixes - examples - bandit boss, infected champion, infected hero.


Special zombies - have unique skills

Prisoner -  zombie who use chains to attack - bigger dmg and longer range that normal zombie

Spider zombie - just changed into  acrobat

crawler zombie - legless begger who became zombie - small number of hp but big chance of  infection.

Drowned zombie- exploding zombie that do big dmg and have big  chance to infected player. small number of hp in game

Drunk zombie- zombie who can use melee weapons it can be normal stron armored or strong armored zombie.


The most important thing - zombie are in great number in cities, on battlefileds , executions sites etc

Zombie animals

This same as 7dtd but one thing is changed

Vultures are changed into crows- can't do bleeding smaller hp but flying in packs.


Animals - nothing changed




Bandits are change into fanatics- they are group of ragged people using as weapon whatever he can find. They are agresive against everything . They are commanded by inquisitor - powerful man using top tier sword and armor - very fast and have unique attacks.




Perks are diffrent - well there is lack of perks connected with guns or electricity .

But you have few diffrent  like : monk mind - allow you to read books. Books have tiers so more advanced perks= you can read higher tier books.

Cementery polka - you can find better loot in corpses






1.  Bigger focus on lore - you can find notes, books etc and learn about things like : horses are immune to zombie infection, who was drunk when this person died he can somehow  use weapons ,  infection can be healed by red small herb etc

2.  Horses are vehicles  and can "use mods" - like in mount and blade. Horses are sells by traders but have too eat.

3. traders works in this same way.

4. Candies are back but as drinks

5. zombie have much smaller dmg against blocks but there is bigger number of them and zombies with weapons are like ram.

6. Zombie gore system is more brutal and bodies lying on ground for much longer time.


I hope this idea will be interesting for you guys and someone will add to this something interesting :)


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