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Tactical Weapons A20


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On 7/7/2022 at 10:26 PM, Cadamier said:

Broken - few things

1.) there's a "New Folder" within the TacticalWeapons\UIAtlases\ItemIconAtlas folder. Got 3 files - Box762mmBTHP Match.png; BoxM855Ammo.png & s.png

Copied files one level up.

2.) Upon starting:

2022-07-07T18:17:42 61.842 ERR [XUi] Failed initializing window group workstation_ammobench
2022-07-07T18:17:42 61.845 EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at XUiC_CraftingWindowGroup.Init () [0x00042] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 
  at XUiC_WorkstationWindowGroup.Init () [0x00000] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 
  at XUiWindowGroup.Init () [0x00009] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 
  at XUi+<LoadAsync>d__204.MoveNext () [0x002b6] in <6a01347f98174dbdb41cb4a4eedf5af7>:0 


3.) Can make AmmoBench - but can't do anything with it.  Tried renaming both mods to have ZZZ in front of name - no effect. 

4.) Tried deleting "windowCraftingQueue" but no effect.

I have the same problem with the ammobench and I did all the possible solutions that you did and it is still not solved, did you find a way to solve it?

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Is this still under development?


Currently trying to host on a dedicated server but when I start it up I get this error.


"The AssetBundle 'alt' can't be loaded because it was not built with the right version or build target."


Any ideas?



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Why is there a few differen't weapons with  both different models and stats? is there a general issue or is it just me? also different ammo types are named the same like there is 3 "9mm" all 3 different stats different than vanilla models and not working with every weapon (from this mod exactly obviusly). i have no compability issues (i checked by just running only this mod and issues are always the same). Pls let me know if u know something about it and does creator still patch the mod? also the same problem is with the weapon mod's all named the same not all work on the weapon (silencer for example works only on few guns). if somone knows anything pls let me know at krzysztofmienkowski@wp.pl (so i will instanlty see ur reply)

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