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An actual form for Bug reports please.


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Keep adding more and more and more steps to filling out bug reports to the point im just gona politely bow out after some years.
I dont want to keep having to adapt to a poor information collection system.
Use Google Doc and have us fill out a bug report FORM that is in a format to your liking that we can just all fill in.
At this point I feel like we should all get paid with the amount of work the Pimps are requiring FREE help to do. Cant we at least meet halfway?
Use googledocs and supply a form to fill out. You get less bug reports that are 'useless' and all bug reports fit the format you want. Less wasted time for everyone.
Phones can use Open Office to view/edit Google Docs, same as PCs and has a free licence.

Please, I beg. This bug report system sucks and ive mentioned it before but for some reason, yall keep on keepin on with a system that doesnt do its job very well; See "Unfinished bug report" section for proof...

PS: Not having a PC when doing development work is like not having a car for a pizza delivery job. Wut is this? xD Supply that man a better phone for work purposes. Its a tax write off too! lol

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Just trying to point out how crazy it is youre holding free help to the professional industry standard when almost certainly the vast majority of this help doesnt have the training for what you are now requiring. You NEED forms to fill out or even better; an automated bug reporting system.

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