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Favorite server manager for someone new


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Hi all :)


     I have been playing 7 Days to Die for about nine months now and I love it. Prior to A20 I rented a server to play Darkness Falls with a friend and when A20 dropped I switched to that to play with a smaller group of friends. There are only seven total who have access and only 3-4 who play with any regularity. I am a tech person but I am new at a lot of the things I am wanting to learn/do.


     One thing I would love to figure out is using a server manager. I know there are multiple choices. I have had a few recommended but reading about them feels a little overwhelming. The important things for me are:


Allowing players to set teleports such as home/bed, bag (right now I have drop nothing on death), and perhaps allow them a few waypoints they can custom set. Would love a /return option to return to where they were. 


Allowing custom chat colors for each player. This can be based on created roles or just implemented for each person manually. Just for fun! 


Entity removal for removing incorrectly placed static spawns of traders, etc.


Day 7 command to show current zombies, next bloodmoon, etc


Ability to give player an item.


Setting up trader protection area for something such as a community horde base or if we set up a village area.


Anything else is just extra fun. Would love something fairly straight forward to set up and I don't mind paying a small monthly "hosting" fee, as I have noticed some of those exist. 


I was told about one called Server Tools but I cannot find much updated info, nor the Discord link for it.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Thank you!





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Pinned thread....


Personally our group uses CSMM/CPM, though I also greatly enjoy Server Tools. Botman is an excellent choice as well.

IMHO, it all comes down to what level of tools you want to have available for you to manage the server, and options for players.


Go though each one and compare setup options, and features.

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