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feral maps. silent background tools. like fulcrum saws and press splitters.


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these are ancient free mason fulcrum tools (maybe i just invented them) it is just a big push pin and a rope with knots and a stick with a y in it at the top and a second y on the side to hold a tool head then you push the pin in and attach to section of rope knot. then you use the really long arm to make a notch in trees. 

then a fulcrum press is a spike pressed into the ground or material near an ore then you use a pry bar with a pivot notch object in it to make ore break up. 


the idea is that these items only make noises that sound like background forest stuff. like a tree falling is nothing without chopping or sawing and mining is nothing compared to stuff just breaking apart and animal and zombie might run even with feral sense on full when the earth starts breaking up around them.

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